ideas for finding a place to use these

momsgirl2June 15, 2008


Our county has a recycle shelter where you can find items to take home for free.I found these beautiful India Sarees.I do not know why these were disguarded but I am so happy I found them. They are small sizes.I would wear them if I could figure out which leg they would fit on.LOL

I need suggestions on how to preserve these.It has to have a use or I can not keep it.[MY RULE!]I will try to figure out how to load the photos

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Would love to see pics of them. Here is a post I did awhile back on posting pics. You don't have to use photobucket as my post explains but this is the gist of it. Copy and paste the below site to your web browser line.


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des_arc_ya_ya big are they? I was thinking that you could display your favorite in a large shadowbox type frame. It would make a big dramatic splash of color on a large wall.

If you don't mind cutting them up, think of them as fabric for whatever you'd like to make - tablecloth, throw pillows, etc.

Sounds like a great find. I'd be at that place all the time just like a vulture! LOL

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I have one I use for a curtain over a narrow-ish window.

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