New use for patio doors??

chickadee__3aJune 1, 2008

We recently replaced patio doors in a bedroom with windows. The 2 sliding doors (wood frame,double glass 6'x3' each) are in reasonably good shape and it seems to me they could be put to good use.They're very heavy. The only thing I could think of is making a table. Do any of you crafty folks have a suggestion?

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I think a glass top table would be a great thing to do with the doors. Would it be safe to use something like a sawhorse as ends? I wounder if they would be sturdy enough??? You could nait wooden pieces to the end(s) sides so the glass door sits down inside those wooden pieces and holds it in place. Maybe even another sawhorse in the middle?

You could also use them for a cold frame for plants. Either go all out and make something elaborate with them (check garden mags for ideas) or just prop them up against one another making a teepee with them. Secure them with latches and hooks (?? - you can tell I'm not the handyman around here, LOL)or with something where they touch so they don't fall.

Check out "Robolady" posts and her website. She's got some great ideas for stuff like that. Find one of her posts in this forum and she usually posts a link to her T2T blog.


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Here chickadee, try this link.
My first thought as someone who likes mosaics and has worked with safety glass, is to break the darn things!

Here is a link that might be useful: T2T

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I've seen someone on another forum post a picture of a greenhouse they made with old sliding glass doors. I think there were two on each side. I thought it was pretty cool.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We are replacing another set of doors this summer , so I`ll have 4 doors. The greenhouse idea sounds interesting.

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The way things are going with produce in this country it would probably be a good use of the doors to make your own greenhouse or at the very least a green room. If you have a pool you could make a very neat changing room with the doors.

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