6-panel doors! Need ideas

sheriJune 9, 2005


I don't have a picture -- yet -- but ...

My aunt and uncle are renovating an old brick house down in the city. They gutted the whole thing, including the solid wood 6-panel doors. These are awesome -- ugly and decreped, yes -- but awesome just the same! They even have the original crystal doorknobs!

Anyhoo, they offered them to me, and I'm looking to do something with them. The only curious thing is that they have glass in the top two panels. They had considered using them for the rehab, but didn't want clear glass on the bedroom doors (good thought!)

If I was into glass cutting, I'd do some lead glass inserts and see if I could have them traded out. Unfortunately, I'm not. So nice idea but unattainable.

Anyway, looking for ideas...

TIA! Sheri

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How about a table top for one with the reflection of candles on the glass panels or put glass or plexiglass over the whole surface and build a box under the original glass panel to hold a collection of small artifacts.

Maybe a large folding room divider.

A folding back drop for garden art.

Weave some wire over and use for garden trellis.

How about attaching several together and painting, decoupaging or cover the glass with padded fabric and trim around fabric and use as a head board?

Possibly use at side of windows for window treatment - maybe paint them or treat as above.

Use as a support for a large painting.

Put mirror in place of glass and in each panel, hang or prop against MBR or dressing room wall.

Possibly hinge and use as doors on open bookshelves or build bookshelf to the size of the door(s) and have a gorgeous armoire.

Build kitchen island, computer table or workbensch out of them, using the panels for the sides or in place of end legs.

Put them on a slider track to cover your patio doors.

Replace any light weight doors in your home.

Make a side board, kitchen or craft table with glass on top of the door table top.

Panel a small study or dining etc. wall with them. Go ahead keep the knobs, you can always find something to hang on a door knob.

Criss cross ribbon, belts, twine, rope or whatever on it and use it for a message board in kitchen or study. Back the glass with a picture of your liking, a dried pressed floral arrangement or your favorite word or phrase in large caligraphy.

That's it, I'm brain dead. G'nite.

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