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foggyjJanuary 16, 2006

Can anyone share with me any hints to being a tourist in Paris? I'm assuming that city is geared to many tourists from all over the world. Do most places speak English if they hear we're having a hard time speaking French? I've gotten a DVD from the library on basic French, but it's not easy.

Would you recommend just using a credit card for everything? Are travelers checks obsolete? I'm concerned about the conversion of money. How can we avoid being ripped off, or doesn't that happen ?

Thanks for any advice.

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We were there about 8 years ago and used our credit card with no problem. We didn't use our traveler's checks much but they were accepted in most stores. We also used our debit card to withdraw French money from ATM machines.

You can avoid being ripped off when making purchases by familiarizing yourself with exchange rates and carrying a calculator with you.

Most places in the city do have someone who speaks English. I listened to a beginner's language tape ahead of time and learned a few French phrases that meant, "I don't speak French -- do you speak English?" "Where is the bathroom?" "I'm lost," "How much does it cost?" and the numbers.

The most important phrases I learned were for "Please" and "Thank You." Courtesy goes a long way and most people appreciated that I made the effort to be polite and tried to speak the language, however badly.

I love Paris -- there is so much to see and do. Wear comfortable shoes. Even travelling on the Metro subway, which is great, you'll still do plenty of walking while seeing the sights.

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