Anyone ever been to Malta?

LessaJanuary 9, 2003

My fiance and I are planning our honeymoon. We are both interested in going somewhere in the Med. Sea. I am a big history buff and Malta sounds beautiful. Can anyone give me some information on Malta ie costs for hotels etc.



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YES, Lessa, I was there about 6 years ago - it was one of the most interesting places I have traveled. It has a very varied history from the ruins of ancient Goddess worshiping cultures to Greek and Roman History as well as the origin of the Kights of Malta. It is also a favorite beach destination for the English, although the beaches are narrow and rocky. Because it has a history of British occupation, everyone speaks English as well as Maltese and we found that the people were very friendly to Americans. The food was fantastic - much like the food in Sicily - lots of fish, home made cheeses, wonderful vegetables. There is a small casino, which was kind of sleepy as casinos go, and minimal night life. The whole place is very easy to see in a week and transportation around the island is easy by bus. Be sure to take a day trip to Gozo, another small island off the coast. Well worth the trip!

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Just returned from a week in Malta. We loved our visit. last poster from 03 was correct in statements. You can find good flight/hotel pricing at

There is a lot of WWII history there. We saw the war rooms where Eisenhower spent time planning the invasion of Sicily, as well as his jeep in the nearby Military Museum.

This is an easy country to travel in because there is no language challenge for Americans. Great fish restaurants everywhere!

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Just added a photo album with scenes from our visit to Malta if you are interested. Click on My Page, webshots link and go to the Malta Album. This is a really neat and very affordable destination, especially for world history buffs.

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