Wrought Iron Chair Backs? What Can I Do With Them?

des_arc_ya_yaJune 9, 2008

Picked these up from the curb. They are so twisted and broken but I LOVE the backs of them! Any suggestions for what I could use them for? TIA

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Those are cool! I don't see the broken part - is there any way you can still use them as a chair/stool? It seems you can attach a piece of plywood, cover the plywood with foam and fabric.....

or how about one of them holding a basin for a bird bath and have some flowering vine go up the legs....

or the back would make a nice window grille

or solder some brackets to the back (assuming you can separate it from the rest of the chair) and have a nice shelf.

I'll have to think on this - nice find!

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Those are great! Too bad you can't fix them to make them chairs again. I just came from the Garden Junk site, so I think I would have to incorporate them into my garden/yard somehow. Whatever you decide to do with them, be sure to show us pics of the end results.

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I think I'd paint the chairs some fun caribbean colors and put pots of colorful geraniums or something similar on them and make a little arrangement in your yard. If you really only like the backs.. they might make a nice border for a flower bed?

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Ohhhhhhhhhh my, those are very lovely. What a great find, I'm jealous. I like the idea of putting a piece of plywood on the seat part and using them for plant stands in your garden areas. That would be really pretty. Either paint them or not, they're still going to look fantastic.


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I'm with Lydia! They'd be so cute painted in sherbert colors. I'd probably find a way to affix a colorful ceramic tile to the seat area & place a piece of pottery in a deeper shade of each color of the painted chair & place ivy geraniums in them or asparagus fern-(light & airy). It might be kind of cute to wire a glass
bead in the center of each of the holes in the backs of each chair. These would be nice in a garden or on either side of your door -even on a porch or patio.Nice find!

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Some kind of birdbath comes to mind. The birds would love to perch on the backs!

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How many do you have?

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I have three. Thanks for all the ideas. I may try and put plants on them after I paint them. A couple of them have very twisted, messed up legs on them so they can't be used as chairs. They'd sure hold up a plant, though! Why didn't I think of that!?

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I'd make a triangle with the three chairs, having the backs touch each other a on two sides. Wire them together put a planter on each seat and one in the center you just created with the backs and wire or use the center for a bird bath.use a plastic saucer for the bath.

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Pretty!! How about a table base out of the one that seems kinda straight? Buy one of those rounds that goes on the decorator table if you don't already have one,or cut a piece of plywood, then mosaic it or paint it. And maybe screw the chair backs onto a board for some shelves for inside or outside, or onto some other chairs for new chair backs:) Whatever you do, they're very sweet looking.

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