Travel during the holidays

colorcrazyJanuary 6, 2013

My husband's office is closed during Christmas week, sometimes for two weeks. We always take advantage of the time off to travel, but have limited ourselves to warm weather locations because we are escaping the cold at home.

Just got back from San Antonio. The River Walk is lovely, but after doing that and the museums, there wasn't much to do. Went down to Corpus Christi and Padre Island, which was nice.

We have done Charleston, SC but everything is closed Christmas Day. Cape May was not totally closed, but would not go back in the winter. Key West, FL was great. Other good places were Richmond, VA; Wilmington, DE; Las Vegas (we went to Death Valley, which is awesome); and LA.

Any suggestions? We have 7 more years of this. Thanks!

(Trying to "wake up" this board)

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snoringggggg. LOL

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lucky you get to travel every year. Winter can be harsh no doubt and some sun would definitely be great. Why not travel overseas? Two weeks would be a good length of time to visit other countries where there are beauty summers abound. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wego Travel

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Have you ever considered a garden cruise? If anything, garden-lovers are likely to flock aboard compared to other people...

You get shown around 'special' gardens around countries etc, to my knowledge :]

This link is for garden cruises 2013.

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I took a bus trip to Nashville one Christmas and stayed at the Opryland Hotel. The hotel is a vacation it's self, it's beautiful. They usually have an ice display with sculptures that you can go through and the Rockettes were there. The Rockettes were worth the whole trip. There was also a show in the hotel.

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