Recycled Metal Cabinet

lpaltaJune 1, 2012

I, for one, can never have enough cupboards. I didn't like my canned goods being above my kitchen counter; I needed the space for my glassware and such. I dragged out an old metal cabinet from our furnace room and gave it a face lift. Today I spent my morning organizing and reorganizing every cupboard in the house!

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I love the cabinet. Did you paint it?

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I LOVE the "It's mine" list!!!!!

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Very cute - you are talented. I love rooms with personality. I'm sure this boosts the star power of your kitchen!

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what fun!
And organizing your cupboards too, wow!

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It's funny; my dad made his living as a commercial artist and had been drawing since age nine. I can't even draw a straight line using a ruler. Soooooo, this is why I love love love the Internet. I snag and print images from my computer. Then use good old fashioned carbon paper or graphite paper to trace it onto whatever project I am working on. I then go over the tracings with a Sharpie permanent marker.

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