Looking for old costume Jewelry

tealcatfanJune 8, 2006

I have recently become totally fascinated with old costume jewelry and I do check the Thrift Stores and Yard Sales just wondered if you gals had any ideas on any other places I might find some to purchase.

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Thrift and yard sales are probably the best. You might try e-bay. However, this kind of jewelry has become a fad and is hard to get cheap anymore....

Antique stores charge a fortune....

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yes I have a suggestion that I,ve been meaning to post here for some time.
If a person is real determined to get some sort of "junk"
do some checking around with your local auction houses
they do a lot of estate sales and the very stuff we talk about on here and re use is the often the left overs from these sales .
I have been to 3 estate auctions lately on my block and the leftovers from these would fill a semi. and will go to a landfill.
christmas stuff I was told is the hardest to get rid of
but just speak with one of these people and get specific for what you are looking for and that you will always be willing to give a few dollars for it .
I spent the day with a long time auctioneer a few weeks ago and he told me he throws away huge amounts of xmas, arts and crafts stuff, bowling balls ,wood, ceramics ,the very stuff a lot of us use for mosaics and such.
he also said he would rather give it away because it easier than throwing it away.
good costume jewelry story I was looking in thrift store for pins for d.d,s teachers and found a 18ct. gold one for 1$ gave it to the teacher anyway.
but having a talk with the folks at the thrift store is also a good idea and tell them what you want they go through huge amounts of stuff a day and love a fast turnover,and my fav. here, also has reduced day to clear stuff out.
good luck Rick

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