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jagermeisterJune 8, 2006

I was in a furniture store the other day and noticed they had a set of tables painted to look like they were an antique. It looked like they were painted with regular green paint but there was something else that made them look old. Maybe streaks of a dark stain or something? There also was some stenciling.

Anyways, does anyone have any ideas or links on how to do something like this? Or any other painting ideas for old wood tables? I have an old wood kitchen table that I'd like to do this with.


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You can wipe walnut stain over the paint, then wipe it back off. Leave some in the cracks and depressions. If you wipe off too much, do another layer until you get the look you want. Have fun!

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You might try this. I have a coffee table done this way and it looks great. I painted the top a dark olive green then used sander to sand off some of the paint so some of the wood grain shows through. Then I polyurethaned over this. You could stain it darker before you sealed it, but I think would be the look that you are looking for.

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Really you can use ANY kind of stain over paint to make it look old...just depends on how dark you want it to be. Also, as mentioned sanding the edges or little spots here and there makes things look old, too.

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You can get crackle paint, too. I found my crackle kit at Home Depot, but hobby and craft stores have them as well.

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they have antiqueing kits at walmart...they run about 15.00 or you can just get some ivory paint/or a color that you like and a water based stain in a color you like....paint the table then sand where you want it to look aged then apply stain and wipe off...

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