Anyone know what this could be turned into???

catlady15June 11, 2007

What could I do with this?I thought about tossing it.But than I decided to post here before throwing it away to see if anyone here had any idea what I could with this.I have no idea what it was used for.We were asked to haul some things away for the church and this was in the pile.Thanks for any ideas.

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Looks like a letter sorter to me. I'd definitely be keeping that, love that prim/country look. Are you able to take out some of the slats and use it for displaying nick-nacks or other treasues?

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How big are the slots? It would be great for sheets of glass, plastic canvas, craft books, Turn it the other way and you could put felt,quilt quarters,or lay small bottles of tempra paint, brushes. I am so jealous. LOL

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If you took out some of the slats, you could use it for a bookcase. I would definitely hang on to it though, it looks like good wood to me.

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In a more storage-oriented way, it looks about perfect for CDs.

Give it some doors or a front made of an old window and fabric, and it would store CDs without anyone ever knowing.

Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/decorating blog

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If you don't have magazines, coloring books, construction paper, etc to put in the slots how about a coffee table. You could get a piece of glass for the top. Some colorful objects could be placed in the the slots or some strands of lights.

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looks like great storage for stained glass sheets...

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Everyone has wonderful ideas as to what to do with it. I'm thinking, since it came out of a church, that it was used to organize the choir members' folders. Each slot probably was numbered, and as each choir member came and left practice, they were able to select and return their folder to the cabinet to keep it neat and tidy. May it so help you! Kass

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