Orlando bound!

jcifjrJanuary 26, 2012

Hi there,

My wife and I are taking our 2 kids (10 yr old son; 8 yr old daughter) to Orlando for 4 nights/5 days during Easter break (along with about half of the free world I suspect). My son is a rollercoaster nut but my daughter "just isn�t a ride person" as she says. They both however are very into aquariums and zoos and just love animals���..1 dog and three cats in the house!

We�re arriving around noon on day 1 and leaving around 5 pm on day 5; so in theory we have 3 full days and possibly 2 half days to hit the theme parks.

We would like to take them to Disney (not sure which parks); SeaWorld and Universal (not sure which parks).

We previously took them to Disney 5 years ago for a week and did Magic Kingdom; Epcot and MGM. Had a blast but they were a little young at the time. We stayed at a Disney property (Beach Club hotel) which I highly recommend if your just doing the Disney thing. This time, we are staying at Sheraton Vistana Villiages nearby.

My question to you all is this: Given the fact that there are so many different parks to choose from (5 or so at Disney; 2 at Universal plus SeaWorld) and each one carries it�s own admission fee; how should we best plan our vacation to ensure that both my kids (and my wife and I ) have the best time possible? We can�t possibly do everything and I don�t even want to try. I�d like some advice on how much time we should spend at each park to make it worth the time and money.

Keep in mind that we are going during one of the most crowed times of the year and that since the kids are getting older now, we don�t expect to take them back to the area any time soon. We want to start doing less commercial/theme park type vacation destinations and do more island getaway and skiing type vacations.

Thanks for reading through my long post.

Any advice from you Orlando experts would be greatly appreciated.


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