Kitchen table re-do need advice fast

zgardennutJune 16, 2006

I am trying to redo a wood (maple) kitchen table and chairs. I have seen, at Target and those country stores, the table top is stained and the lower section is painted. The chairs are done to match, seat is stained and the rest is painted.

I asked at Sherwin Williams and they said to use an enamel for durablity. But they don't have the old colonial colors. But a country store I go to has some country paint for sale.But it is not enamel.

Does anyone have any suggestions on type of paint for a highly used kitchen table and chairs?

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so are you only trying to use "colonial" colors?
I may not be the best at telling someone specically how to do this and surely not a pro. but I,m a paint a-holic and have spent a lot of time in the paint isles.
shocking S/W did not offer better advice ?
I know folks don,t like this sometime but there is just huge amounts of imfo. on the net, and I think about every one of those how to shows has done exactly what you want .
I agree witht he enamel idea the better quality the better the pc. will be.
I do know that a few brands quit carrying the "colonial" colors because that is how I got them in discount.
try true value .
how do you plan on doing the top and seats I can say also that the prep is most of the work and will effect the outcome the most .
I can also say that those one step refinishing for wood
stain/poly in one will work real well here also .
you should be able to come up with a color to make you happy by checking s/w again and go to a full service t/v store there enamel is top notch .
but pls tell us what color you want.
, Rick

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I was thinking something in a dark sage type green because I am a big gardener and nature lover so I thought it would go with any theme I wanted.
I was looking into Old Village paints. They have a web site. The table top is going to be stained and hopefully the chair seats as well (if I can stick with this project that long as I am a short term crafter) I seem to lose steam after the first couple monthes.

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well don,t feel bad I have,nt been to inspired for a while
and have some short term memory probs and aadd that involves some "completion probs lol.
have you done stuff like this before?
have you used "liquid sandpaper" a chemical that will not strip but clean and get the legs for primer?
use good primer , use fine sandpaper , clean well,
I like a sponge brush but use a good brush that type of paint does not show brush stroks real bad .
do the legs have turnings or straight?
usea small brush or sponge brush for the turnings FIRST!
then come back and do the rest from the top down .
but the wood is a bit different I can say I have used the "formbys" one step finishing kits and stuff and it workd great kinda depends on just how "perfect you want it and if the top is beat up or not .
but if you have done this you know that stripping the top to bare wood if it has a poly finish on it can be a daunting process sometimes and is the reason I have found some real nice pcs half done in thrift stores.
but the "systems kinda take some of this away.
by using a darker color than they are it covers a lot of errors and by allready having the stain in the finish it allows you to coat over the existing finish by just prepping the surface not taking it to bare wood. (wow that made sense)
but finding the colors should not be that hard and a good paint mixer should never tell you that they don,t have it
check just this link at what the color combos are for this
and this was found by just asking for "enamel sage green"
the darker shade will hide dirt better! but try this and look over this site. Rick

Here is a link that might be useful: sherwin williams/martha stewart sage green

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oops ,just checked this and it is the home page but I entered what I said "sage green enamel" and it sent me all over this site ,and I just flipped through this site and it is extensive and I have used the very paint it is recomending and it is high end but about as good as it gets and like I said I kinda find it hard to believe that a sherwin williams dealer would ever say that such a simple color can not be done ? huh
I just read that there are over 1,ooo different color combo,s available there and you can match them yourself with the program on that site.
I did not leaf through there yet to se what stain combos they might have but I do know that the formbys one step stuff was at wal mart at one time because the stuff I have came from discount there.
try this link Rick go to bottom of page for enamel

Here is a link that might be useful: enamel paint

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find a color that you like and just have them match it when they mix it for you. Home depot, sears, fredmeyer... they all have the equipment that can "read" the color and match it. Have them match it in an enamel finish.

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A few years ago I painted the legs on an old kitchen table I have. I was in a hurry because I had a bunch of company coming. I didn't have time to sand the table top so I bought fabric that I liked and made a table cloth. and I got out my "Craft" paints. I used a navy blue and painted the legs...I think it was about 4 years ago and they still look great.

This year I was going to do the top but had too many other things to do, so I didn't get it done for the 4th.

I'm going to paint it with craft paints navy, burgandy and tan flag and age it....

I still like the country look...since I live in the country in a barn.

If I want to change colors...I'll just get out my craft paints again...and I'll seal the top or put glass on it.


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Dear Patti,

Hi! I come to this board to ask advice for just what you have shared [Thank you!] :-)

I have a drop leaf table and was wondering if craft paints could be used on it or not [so glad that they can be!!]

Now - you are talking about the paints that come in the little bottles, right? Like Plaid paints, etc.?

Did you seal the paint with anything after you were done? I'm thinking that I will need to perhaps spray polyeurethane on the table when I'm done.

It won't be used for eating at but I'm using the table for a computer desk.

Also, am thinking about sponging the paints on [I'd like to start with an off-white and then perhaps add a little pink or mauve in with it.]

I'd like to do the entire table with using sponge painting 'cuz I think it'd be quicker and easier to do.

Would I need to first put a primer coat on it or anything? I stripped about 5-6 coats of paint off from the table already [ugh - what a job! *lol*]

Any advice or tips that any of you ladies can give me would be greatly appreciated!



Here is a link that might be useful: My blog: Women's Circle

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