Grand Ganyon in Winter

nedrawJanuary 1, 2004

I'm going to the Grand Canyon in mid-February for 3 days (sandwiched between 2 business trips). We're staying in the park. Any suggestions on what to do, see, places to eat, etc?

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darn, I wish someone would answer you. We are planning a trip in April and I was hoping some of the suggestions would include that time period.

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I got one message sent to my e-mail. I've pasted the text of it below in case it helps.

"My husband and I went last year and it was wonderful..
Dress warm..layers..good hiking shoes..Eat at the Park resturants..they are very reasonable..We took our time..sat by the fire..talked to people..there is a train that makes daily runs to Williams..that is fun to do, if you have time."

My aunt has done the train and enjoyed it. I don't think we're going to because we're driving up from Phoenix and staying in the canyon.

When I get back, I'll post some info about what we did and liked here.

Nedra W

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thanks, I'll look forward to it.

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We throughly enjoyed the Grand Canyon. We spent two full days there, and pretty much covered the easy things to do on the South Rim. We didn't do anything outside the park. We stayed in Grand Canyon Village.

We walked along the rim around the village, took the shuttle to the east and the tour to Hermit's Rest (to the west). The tour guide provided some nice information, but if the shuttle had been running, I would have preferred it. It starts March 1, so it will be running when you're there. We could have driven, but heights make me nervous and I didn't want to drive it.

If you have a car, the trip to the east entrance, the Pueblo ruins and museum, and the watch tower are well worth it. It's also a lovely drive from the GC Village.

If you like to hike, I saw a trailhead for the Arizona Trail. It wasn't in my hiking book, but it looked like an interesing non-Canyon hike through woods. I had thought about braving part of the Bright Angel trail, but it was ice covered and I don't own crampons so I had a good excuse not to scare myself.

We ate at the Bright Angel Resturant and the Arizona Steakhouse. I'd give them both a B at dinner. The Bright Angel was very good at breakfast, but not so great at dinner.

By the way, if you're staying longer and want a long day trip, try to go Canyon de Chelly. I've not been there, but have been to several other Ananazi (sp?) sites, (Chaco Canyon, Bandilier, Aztec and Pecos) and they're always stunning.

Hope this helps your trip.


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Thank you so much - great to hear from you


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