Maggie4January 23, 2006

Planning a tour trip to Ireland, How many have been there?

How did you like it? Can you post pictures?

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Very pretty country you will enjoy yourself. Have fun!

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Maggie, My husband and I spent 3 weeks in Ireland for our honeymoon in May-June of 1999. I booked the flight and rented a car from info I found on the Net. Before we left the US, we purchased a Michelin (sp?) map of Ireland from Barnes and Noble, and we made a list of places we'd like to see from info we found in library books. We really appreciated the map because interesting sites were labeled on it and easy to find. We checked out various maps when we got to Ireland, but never found any as good as ours. (That was surprising.) I especially enjoyed the west coast of Ireland, although most of Ireland is interesting and beautiful. During our visit, we chose to tour the Republic of Ireland and not Northern Ireland. I'm sure we must have missed a lot of beautiful scenery there too. If you want further information, let me know. I could go on and on about the good and bad experiences of that trip.

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If you really want to see Ireland up close, do rent a car, but as the last post, have a plan on what you might want to see...Also, staying in B&Bs is great. The people couldn't be more helpful, nicest people in the world and they treat you wonderful..Truely, as my husband would say, Ireland is God's country. A trip you'll never forget.....

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We went with CIE tours - Fly and Self drive - visited the whole country except the extreme north and stayed at B & Bs. It was one of the best trips we have had!

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Well, Ireland is the best place in the whole world! Been there 2 times and can hardely wait to return. Use Karen Brown's book's on Itenery & B & B's you won't be sorry.

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