BEWARE when putting out your totem birdfeeders

huggybear_2008June 19, 2009

I made a totem birdbath and it is doing fine.. so I made another one and chose to make this one a birdbath/birdfeeder.. I had a large plate on the top and added a small candy dish .. my plan was to add water to the candy dish and birdseed all around the little candy dish.. Well that was a mistake... the critters came and knocked down the totem try to get to the birdseed.. so far I do not think it is broken as I have not had a chance to check it, did not see it until I was leaving for work, but did see the little critters running and climbing over the fence. so I guess it will just end up being a birdbath..


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Yeah other critters will always go after bird feed. They don't know the difference. If it's food and their hungry they'll eat it. My mother in law feeds the squirrels so they'll stay away from her birdfeeders. Works out pretty good. They like dried corn on the cob better than birdseed I guess.

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This is what I did with my birdfeeder totem I made it a gazing ball holder.

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Around here they might attract bears, tho not at my house I'm close to town. I like the totem ball holder.

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I know all about critters. My husband and I have been shooing the bears off our back deck for a week. Big mama bear was on the deck this morning. If it's not the bears, it's the racoons, squirrels, voles, chipmunks and snakes.

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I use heavy microwave plates (get them at the TS) or something heavy to help balance out the top. I haven't had a problem yet and haven't heard anything from my customers. Hope yours isn't broken.

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sorie, the plate on the top of the totem birdbath/feeder is very heavy, the candy dish that I had the water in was not glued down and so nothing critters were a family of racoons and they are living in the top of my neighbors house.. I would tell them but they are real jerks so I would not shoot or do anything to harm the racoons as I think it is funny that they are living in their house.. they are mean and nasty people so they deserve their vistors..LOL any hoo the gazing ball holder is working out fine and I really like it as such.. looks very pretty in the sun sparkles.. and shines
I plan on making some more as I have several bowling ball/gazing balls.. and would like to have them around my yard.. and by the way, I am not a mean neighbor I would do anything for my neighbors, except them.. after being friends with them for over 17 years, they became very nasty when we ask their son to stop riding his Quad up and down the dirt road next to our back yard when we were grilling out.. they became very hateful .. I guess they are just unhappy people and what a shame .. Life is to darn short to be that mean and nasty.. but at least now I do not have to have dust and dirt blowing in my face all the time and the sound of all the engines of the Quad.. now it is nice and peaceful, except when they go on a ramp page.
Have a great day everyone

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Hi Huggy,

I can relate to your problem. I had just finished my first glass bird feeder. I was so pleased. I placed it in the center of the yard where I thought the squirrels could not get at it. I was so wrong. Somehow they managed to take a flying leap from the fence and land on the dish and toppled it over. Naturally it broke. Fortunately the glass plate did not break but I did need to remove the vase under plate. That was quite a challange. We have now put some sand and river rocks around the base to stabilize it.

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I didn't explain very well. I use the heavy micro. platter for the bottom base!! Sorry.
I love the BB on it. Looks pretty. Do you use a black ball and paint it before you put the marbles on it? It's so shiny.

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Love the totem!
I was thinking about those microwave plates, never thought to use them on the bottom!
They are in quanity at my GW.

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Because of TX Fern, who visits us on Stained Glass/Mosaics, I am on here today. I have a punch bowl as a base for my first totem. Unfortunately, my first totem wasn't as pretty as y'alls', but that sucker is still standing, and hasn't leaned a bit. Punch bowl was left in the garage by former owners of my house. It's a terrific base for totems.

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oooooooooooooooooh! Punch bowls...never thought of using one of these...been finding them left and right at thrift they will all be gone since I want one:)What is the best glue to use in your experienced opinions? Thanks

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GE II for glass.

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Ooooops - didn't mean there is a GE II for glass, I just meant when I want an adhesive for glass, I use GE II for windows and doors.

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Thanks! I knew what you meant, but others might not have:) GOt several rescued items from thrift stores that I am going to try my hand at totems on. Wish me luck! I've been checking out all the ones posted, and love them:)Thanks again.

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