Turning a dresser into a open shelf piece

Pamelad1June 8, 2004

I have a small red dresser that the drawers are terrible on. The fronts are all pulled loose and the bottoms of the drawers sag. The "shell" is very sturdy and I would like to find a way to turn it into an open shelf that I could use for storage of either books or photos (in decorative storage boxes). Has anyone done this before? Or does anyone know where I can find an "inspiration" piece to show dh?



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Here's a link, Pam, though it's not a great pic. Still, it should give your DH an idea. I looked also at DIY, cuz I know I've seen them do the same thing with a dresser, making it a sofa table. Didn't find anything though.



Here is a link that might be useful: Dresser shelves

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Funny, Pam, that Decorating Cents show with the dresser turned bookcase was just on. It should repeat next Sunday (June 13) if you're interested.


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Also check HGTV,i've seen Joan Steffen do something like this also.

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Another idea is to put solid bottoms in the empty drawer spaces, then use baskets inside them. I love this look! I've seen some pieces like that at Pottery Barn.

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Thanks Kate,
Amazingly enough, I happened to catch that episode right after I posted here. It's almost like the trash to treasure gods were working for me.

Thanks again,

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Funny, I was at an antique shop yesterday and the owner had a dresser with the top drawer missing that she found in an ally. She put a shelf in the opening and painted the whole thing a kind of indian red. Said she was just going to use it in the store for display but someone wanted to buy it. Is was very nice looking. I am taking a second look at that ugly dresser in the spare room that my kids carved their names on the top. Post a picture if you do it.

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I think it would look awesome if you hinged two old, wood framed windows on the front to be used as cabinet doors.

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At that link Kate sent - they spent $20 at a garage sale for a chest of drawers that was already missing a couple of drawers and then spent another $33 to turn it into a shelf??? YIKES! They should have consulted us first, huh?

Both the two big ones I use in my bedroom cost $15 (from 2 different rummage sales) and are in great condition - no missing drawers and made of real wood!

Here is a link that might be useful: EXPENSIVE shelves!!

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I made a nightstand into a tv stand by removing the top drawer and replacing it with a piece of wood to make a shelf. I also cut a round hole in the back for cable wires. The vcr fits perfectly in the space where the drawer was. I left the bottom drawer for video tape storage. Painted the whole thing. It looks great and is very functional.

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i have an old dresser in my bathroom that we took the three bottom drawers out of. in this space i store my towels. in the two remaining top drawers i store facecloths, soap, etc.
my aunt bought on of those old wooden floor model tv's with the tv removed. she painted it, put a shelf in it, placed baskets inside to hold videos, coloring books, etc, and uses it as a tv. stand. i am now on the look out for an old floor model tv. :)

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I saw an article about putting some of the drawers upside down in the dresser. taking out the inside deviders. I believe it was alternating with drawers being used as a smaller space for small spaces for flat items..I will try to find article.Craftylady_Ma.

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