LED bar getting really hot?

Maria33904May 21, 2013

I'm trying to pick out UCL for our kitchen remodel. At the moment I have two different bars at home. One from Home Depot (Hampton Bay I think) and High Brightness Premium LED from Environmental Lights. And this is what's really puzzling me - the one from Environmental (a 12" bar 240 lumen output) gets really hot when plugged in. Hot enough that I can't keep my hand on it for more than a few seconds and I can feel some heat throught the bottom of my cabinet. The other bar from HD also gets warm but not this hot. I thought LED bars are suppose to be cool to the touch.

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Yeah, something seems wrong there. LEDs are definitely not supposed to be hot.

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Sounds more like halogen. I have some powerful LED worklights and they are not at all hot. None of my other LED lights are either, including lightbulbs.

I would not use hot lighting there. It will be uncomfortable too.

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Maria, into what are you plugging the light bar?

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The test kit I ordered from Environmental Lights came with a 12" bar and a power cord. I have it plugged into a normal kitchen outlet.

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I purchased LED GU 10 bulbs for my range hood. One of the bulbs kept going out and it was very hot. The other bulb was fine. I switched the bulbs to the opposite side to make sure it wasn't my light fixture and the same thing happened. I replaced the bulb and so far so good. Must have been a defective bulb.
Maybe you have a similar thing happening?

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Most LEDs use "drivers" to supply the lower DC voltage needed. Drivers get warm, possible the one that is hot uses a transformer? Though I thought none used those anymore. Transformers are hotter. I don't know the technical differance, just the practical reality. The LED bulbs themselves don't get very hot.
I prefer systems with remote drivers.

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Thank you so much for your responses. I plugged both bars into a different outlet in the kitchen and they did not get hot like before, just a bit warm. Is warm acceptable or should LED's be completely cool to the touch? My husband tested the first outlet with some of his electrical testing gadgets and said it was fine. I've used that outlet daily for 10 years and never had any issues whatsoever. Not sure what was causing the Environmental bar to get so hot. I've read many posts on this forum from people who have these lights and been very happy with them.

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They do create heat, so warm is normal.

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