Disappointed in Stanley Furniture coming damaged to me yesterday

susanlynn2012August 2, 2007

I am very behind in my work due to my Stanley Furniture arriving yesterday and coming damaged and not getting hardly any work done yesterday or today due to being so upset and calling Stanley up and the store up. But today it looks like the store will make it right and stand behind their products they sell. The nice salesman felt bad that the furniture arrived damaged with paint peeling off of the back of my new triple dresser along with a little bit of cracked wood, three a few holes in the back of my chest of drawers with on hold pretty deep, damaged wood used on the top part of the dresser, some putty in the top drawer sealing cracks and a chips on one side of one of the drawers on my Chest of Drawers. Surprisingly the Bachelor's chest and the night stand were in good shape. I love the style of the furniture and the pretty Antique White color of the Stanley Revival Cottage bedroom set a lot which at first made me happy until I saw the damage.

The metal table from Wesley Allen to use as my night stand on my right side of my bed looks wonderful and stylish in the Rustic Ivory. The pretty Maywood Headboard is feminine and I like the height but in the Rustic Ivory color it looks dirty to me and I wish it was less rubbed out to look distressed and rustic. Now I wish I had asked if Wesley Allen could do me a favor and do the Rustic Ivory color with only the Rustic rub-out on the ropes and not on the rest of it since I am not liking it. I had not mentioned this yet to the salesman since I have to deal with the furniture damage first. I wonder if Wesley Allen could repaint the headboard for me?

Despite liking the mirror and night stand, I see how small the night stand is and wish I skipped the mirror and night stand and bought a flat panel TV to put on the wall above my triple dresser. But it is too late now and I am at least glad I bought the bigger bachelor's chest that looks wonderful on the left side of my bed.

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i'm so sorry to hear that your furniture arrived damaged, Lynn. You must be so disappointed. :( BUT: I'm sure you will make things right, and when it all comes together, it will be beautiful. I can't wait to see pics!

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Hi Organic,

Thank you for caring and understanding my disappointment. I slept poorly last night upset that I still can't put my clothes away until I hear from Stanley. But today I am thinking since I have raised my bed 3 inches nigher so there is now 9 inches below my bed (I have a low profile slat box since FloBeds.com sells slat boxes that are 5.5" high are lower only... but I like the low profile one since it is easy to cover with bed skirts)so maybe I will buy two or three wheeled plastic carts (depending on what fits) with lids to put clothes under my bed that I saw on sale for $16.99 each.

I hope the paint used has no lead in it after hearing stories of the Fisher-Price Toys being recalled due to the Chinese vendor using lead in the paint used on the decorative painting.

I do love the look of the furniture so much since it looks so grown up and pretty to me.

I hope they are able to replace the damaged furniture ASAP.

I have taken pictures and last night I could not stop looking at them so I slept poorly. When I have time, I will share with both the beautiful front of the furniture as well as what the damage looks like that is bothering me so much.

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I now found out one of the drawer's wooden runners is chipping also and another drawers has potty on several cracks and a chip that they left white inside the drawer so I was able to see it was damaged. I wonder why when the furniture was delivered from China to Stanley, they did not supervise their offshore contractors and look it over and at least put putty on the wholes in the back that are deep and painted over it or sent the Chest of Drawers back and gave me a different one since the top drawers and top back looks like they used rotten wood.

Also the triple dresser's back paint that was chipping could have been sanded down and repainted. I pray none of this paint has lead in it.

What a shame since my set is beautiful for Stanley to not supervise and inspect the furniture they are manufacturing using overseas China help before it goes out to the stores. Also the stores should be looking it over and talking to Stanley if any of the pieces are not up to par.

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I wouldn't worry about the lead paint issue. Unless you are planning on chewing on the furniture, you will be fine even if there is lead in there.

I am so sorry this has been such a disappointment - and even worse when you chose so carefully and waited so long. This sounds like SO many problems - what did they say about it?

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Hi Les, Thank you for caring and understanding my disappointment. I do love the look of the furniture despite the Chest of Drawers not matching the other pieces of furniture except for the mirror on top of the Triple dresser that only matches the Chest of Drawers but is a different color than the piece of furniture it is on top of.

I am waiting for the store to call me back. I really want to put my clothes away. But I did listen to you and raised my bed 3" so now I have room to put clothes under the bed.

I will update everyone when I learn more hopefully later on today.

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Lynn Sorry to hear the furniture was damaged. It seems to be such a common occurrence these days. Hope they make it right for you. Just curious how the "new" smell has been from the furniture. You may recall from a previous post that I am very sensitive. Hope it all works out.

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Lynn, have you heard back yet? In rereading your posts, I am concerned that so many of the pieces are mismatched in color and/or damaged. Have you considered returning the whole set and starting over?

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Organic, I am also concerned and upset since I have to put my clothes away and I really like the lighter color of the furniture and wish to keep the lighter pieces and want Stanley to match the lighter pieces. I would be even more upset if the furniture came back all matching the darker bone color of the Chest of Drawers. I want my furniture to match the nightstand and the Bachelor's Chest.

What a shame that Stanley has this beautiful styling of the Cottage Revival Set that I love but is now being cheaply made in China with poor quality control from what I can see from the furniture I have here.

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Lynn: Honestly, it sounds like a headache to me. There is no guarantee that they will be able to match the colors. How do you feel about sending it all back?

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HI Organic,

This furniture fiasco has me so upset and now I wish I ordered an Armoire since I bought a flat panel TV in black and it STANDS out and I can not stand the black color in my creamy room. I have cramps and I do not feel well with clothes everywhere since why put the clothes away if they are taking the furniture back on Tuesday. The styling is so beautiful and I can't believe no one even bothered to inspect what came from China before bringing the furniture to my home.

I feel like crying and need to take some time to send in the pictures. It could be worse since most of the damage is hidden and not seen except for the fact that the Chest of Drawers and Dresser's Mirror only match each other but are much darker than the Triple Dresser, Night stand & Bachelor's Chest.

Despite loving this furniture, if they would let me switch to Durham Furniture, I would and this time I would get the Armoire and the Double Dresser. I just like the look of the Stanley Furniture Better.

Thank you Organic For caring.

Also for Chris, there is a smell but it is mild for new furniture and so far surprisingly, I am OK.

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Don't let them get you down!!! Sooner or later, this will all be over, and you will have furniture you love, and you can look back on this as a PITA experience of furniture shopping, but be glad it's over and happy with the furniture you eventually acquire.

I would send it back. There is NO EXCUSE for such shoddy construction. PERIOD. I wouldn't accept repairs or replacement pieces at all. Tell them to take it back immediately and to send you the Durham Furniture. Better yet, get a refund and go to a different store. Just send it all back and be done with it. Then we can help you find good quality at a good price at a reputable store. . . Please understand: I'm not trying to tell you what to do, but that's what I would do. I've HAD it with crap service and crap merchandise. I won't stand for it any more--it's that simple.

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P.S. And if they give you any crap, tell them that you will contact the Consumer Affairs Division of the state attorney general's office and file a formal complaint. If anything will get you your money back, this will. Many companies don't give a damn about the BBB, but the last thing they want is to have a state's attorney investigating their company. SO much easier just to refund your money. :)

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Thank you Organic for being there for me. I just set up several albums labeled damaged furniture, mismatch paint, pretty furniture on the outside, new blinds, etc. I spent the last few days labeling them and now Yahoo is not letting me see them and only the individual pictures which I can't share. I guess I have too many albums set up. I decided to order an archive disk rather than transfer the pictures over to another site and I will just try out another picture site and set up a new photo album.

I really wanted to be able to share the photo's now. I should have been warned by Yahoo that I can only have so many albums set up. Only if I transfer everything to flicker will it stay with labels and names but then it will cost me $24.95 a year and I seem to prefer the other sites unless someone here likes Flicker and can recommend them? Snapfish has an easy way for me to get photos printed at Walmart so I may try them first since they were also highly recommended on this site. I will take a tour of several of the recommended share picture sites when I have time.

I need to go to bed. I am up and it is close to 4 AM and I will be so tired. I just really wanted to share the pictures and had no idea all my labeling and setting up easy albums would be a waste of my time since Yahoo is not letting me have that many albums without warning me.

I do love the look so much of the lighter color Stanley furniture.

Thank you for caring.

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I didn't see it mentioned, but you can use photobucket as a freebie for hosting pics for web sites, etc. Easy to use. I feel your pain. Somewhere on this board is a whopping long post about my leather furniture saga 2 yrs ago, the delivery guys not only punched a hole in our foyer wall (just painted), they scratched up the hardwood DH had just laid in the foyer and on the stairs (he put in new oak treads). They cracked the frame in the sofa as well. Idiot store mgr looks at our photos, tosses them on the table and said "there's no damage to your house". Mgr was about an uncooperative as they come and also a complete idiot. Although we pushed and pushed we ultimately got our furniture $ back but store denied damage to our house and DH said 'forget it, let's move on'. In order to get furniture cost back, we had to go to the store's lawyer and sign a release that we would not mention store name in public venue (newspaper, BBB etc.) before they'd refund our money. The whole thing was bizarre. Our attorney, whom I consulted once we learned of store requiring this "release" via their attorney, said it would cost more in legal fees to fight it in court than the furniture cost. (I paid 1/2 down with credit card and 1/2 down with cash, totaling $2000. Putting a hold on the CC was easy, getting cash back was how they had us. I was just trying to keep the debt factor down, but will NEVER, repeat NEVER make a major purchase again without it being on a credit card.) After that I was completely freaked out about buying more furniture (we had to have something for the family room). I went elsewhere, got a nice set from a very nice family owned store, and their delivery guys didn't leave so much as a single finger print on my wall. Don't let them get you down, listen to organic, she speaks with wisdom ;)

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Thank you so much for sharing about your awful situation with your furniture store. I am glad that it is behind you but it is upsetting. I am so sorry for you but glad you have that situation behind you and had your husband share with you the stress since that is what I need someone in my life to share with so I am not alone with life's ups and downs and good and bad times.

I wish it was just my family room and not my bedroom since I need to put clothes away due to the 4 big platform bed drawers being thrown out in February and my other drawers not holding much and are now in the other room with too much stuff in front of them to get to them to fill the drawers.

I am so sorry about your situation and stress. At least my furniture store is not denying it is damaged. But I waited 11 weeks and a few nights before, I had friends/clients help me move the old 14.5" dresser (3.25 inch small drawers that held not much and was not quite 30" high) and two night stands (drawers warped and do not open and close right and are about 14.5 years old also) to another room to use for storing what I can in it since I only have plastic furniture in the the other room. My helpers did not let me remove the coins and other stuff I kept in the 2" high tiny middle drawers and the stuff fell inside the bureau and it won't let me pull the drawers out.

I also had many small bookshelves (not quite 5 feet high) lined up in my hallway upstairs holding CD's, photo albums, and small books and now they are all in my small guest room with my exercise equipment and it is a mess and I can barely walk in there to find anything and it is difficult to get my panties out of the drawers.

I had planned to put my clothes away the next day and set up my house back to normal but now I feel so stressed that I am not sleeping well and having problems focusing on my work due to fear of how long new furniture would take to get here and if the pieces will come this time damaged on the front instead of hidden places and if they will match the darker color when I want the lighter color matched instead.

I know I should start all over again with Durham Furniture but I doubt if I will be able to get out of the contract and may have to let Stanley make this right for me plus I love the look of the furniture despite the quality not being what I had expected due to the China offshore place most likely cutting corners while Stanley in the USA did not inspect what they receive before sending it to stores to deliver to customers.

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Lynn: if you are keeping it just for the color, send it back. Furniture that poorly made will not hold up well over time, even if they replace the pieces. There are LOTS of options for beautiful color in furniture. Check these out, as an example:



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I had saved pics showing more damage and several photo albums set up in Yahoo last night not realizing I am up to my maximum allowable photo albums so now I can't access them. Hence, today I signed up for MyPhotoAlbum to try it out to share pictures. Please let me know if you can view them. The damage is all on the back and inside the drawers or in mismatching of colors but otherwise I love the style so much of this Cottage Revival Bedroom Set. But Lesley was right about the night stand not being a good TV stand. I wish I skipped it and skipped the pretty mirror and put a LCD on my bureau.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of Damaged & Mismatched Stanley Bedroom Furniture

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Please let me know if you can view the slide show of my new Stanely Bedroom furniture that is very pretty and my new Hunter Douglas Duette Black-Out Blinds in the Linen Color. I chose the Linen since the White color appeared dirty and grayish despite the Architella design with the silver blind inside the honeycomb.

I know I need new lamps, some pictures to add color, etc. but that will come after I get some of my deadlines done that I am so behind in due to the stress of the furniture.

I just love the style of it so much and that is why I really wish they would repair the Dresser and just take back the mismatched and damaged dresser and mismatched mirror so I can put my clothes away. My biggest fair is if I return all the furniture and wait weeks again, it will come back with damage externally or still not match or match all with the darker color that I did not like as much.

Also I learned nothing in life is perfect. I had filing cabinets from Staples that came damaged and were replaced with new damaged ones replaced with new damaged ones. It was awful. I now buy all my filing cabinets at another place but my supplies at Staples. They gave me a credit for some of the damage. This furniture store will not do that and wants me to return it all risking that the two decent pieces of furniture come back in the darker color with damage. :(

I was lied to that one back of paint is mixed up just for my pieces of furniture but from seeing the mismatch paint and seeing that the inside of the Chest of Drawers has plastic on the ends and not metal on the outside of the wooden sliders while the other pieces that match closer to each other have metal on them inside the sliders on the drawers, I really feel that mass produce many pieces at a time using paint for all dresser versus for all Chest of Drawers and there is little quality control in their china plant despite the beautiful design this furniture has with the bead board look and the bun feet and the grown up feel of the Antique White Furniture.

I really love the set and that is why I am so upset since I know I would be better off with the Durham Furniture that is pretty also but their chest of drawers is smaller and not as stylish to me and their dresser is not as pretty. But they did have an armoire I loved that I could put where my night stand is and get a smaller dresser where the triple dresser is now.

My bedroom is 11.25" wide and 14" long.

I am so behind in my work and wish all those albums saved using Yahoo last night, would be there to share. I am going to try the different programs and before figuring out which picture program I will use permanently.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pretty New Stanley Furniture, Wesley Allen Maywood Headboard & Iron Table, Blinds & Bedding

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Thanks Organic for the two links. The Jorden Furniture is nice. Both links have nice quality.

I just still can't believe I just love the look of the Stanley Furniture. Please check out my links and give me another opinion. I know it is important to have sturdy furniture but it sure is pretty and most of the damage can't be seen except the mismatch in colors.

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I'm so sorry! My bedroom furniture is Stanley (American View) and so beautiful with no damage at all! I also have a painted Stanley Armoire (Cottage Revival) in my family room I bought recently...and it's perfect! I've always been so happy with this maker.

What a bummer, I hope this all gets resolved for you!

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I wouldn't ask that they take it back, I'd DEMAND that they take it back and then decide if you want to try again with this same company or find something else.

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I'm sorry for your furniture problems. I agree... I'd send it all back and find a better quality furniture maker.

I could not get your slide show to work. It showed me the heading, but no photos ever came up. Of course, I have pokey-slow dialup, so maybe that is the problem?

Good luck with your furniture dilemma. I know that it is frustrating to move the old stuff out and then find out the new stuff is not up to your standards. I hope you get this resolved quickly and to your satisfaction. :o)

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Lynn, we were in a real bind for furniture as well. I had nothing to sit on in that family room once the damaged stuff went back to that crazy store! And like you, I had waited a long time. I ordered it in Aug, it was a quick ship, so I was supposed to have it in two weeks (this per manufacturer). Well, 3 weeks, then 4 went by. I kept calling, they kept making excuses. I finally got it 3 months later, in Nov! And back to the store it went because of damages. When I went to that nice family owned store I mentioned, they were willing to sell me a leather sofa, chair and ottoman off the sales floor. It was in pristine condition (believe me, I checked!), and they knocked off an extra 20% for display model, but it was in such good shape you'd never know it was a display. In fact this store is willing to sell just about anything off the floor, and it's a really nice store. So with that said, perhaps there's a furniture store in your area that would be willing to do that? Or even the one you're dealing with? That way you can see it, inspect it, be comfortable with it. Also, you won't have that long wait.

I saw the pictures and that is just completely unacceptable.

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Lynn, the furniture is very pretty. I can't see the mismatches too well in the pix, tho I do see that the mirror seems different from the dresser. I think the headboard is very pretty, and the antiquing on the headboard is terrific - the darker shading lets it stand out from the wall, and gives it depth.

I think you have done a nice job of mixing shades of cream and ivory, to give the room some texture and interest. If everything were the same shade it would be boring.

I definitely would NOT accept the damage, tho. Don't let them talk you into anything less than the first quality, brand new condition furniture for which you contracted.

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I just wrote a long post and it disappeared so I will break it in a few posts.

Les917, I also am slowly falling in love with my new Wesley Allen Maywood Iron Headboard and Iron Table that are not from Stanley Furniture. Thank you for feeling I chose the right color to finish the headboard and iron table in since my friend felt the rustic ivory finish was too dark and felt I should have went with a pure ivory color.

Thank you also for your wonderful compliments, that coming from you who I look up to, makes me feel so good that I was able to get the look I had been striving for in my bedroom. This is why I really want to work with Stanley despite the poor quality of this set with the damage I see since I love the styling of the Cottage Revival set so much and I love the color of the lighter three pieces. I just really do not want them to return a bedroom set matching all in the darker more gray bone color chest of drawers and mirror and that is why I fear returning the lighter pieces. I definitely can not keep the chest of drawers that is damaged in the drawers and on the back and does not match any of the other pieces of furniture and only matches the mirror on the dresser. The dresser, night stand and bachelor's chest go so well together. I was told they mix up one batch of paint for all my pieces of furniture but I doubt it from what I see in my bedroom. But since the Chest of drawers is on another wall, the room still looks wonderful to me despite the hidden damage.

I love my layout also but I wish my room was longer for room for another bachelor's chest where the night stand is by the window so my TV would not look a little funny on the night stand like you warned me. I just could not fit an Armoire in my room and I loved the set up I picked out by drawing a diagram on a big poster board and figuring out where everything should go by putting measurements on the poster board and scaling my pics of the furniture. It fit just like I imagined it.

What would happen if I returned everything and it all came back worse or came back in good shape but all the darker color? I really love the lighter color and the Chest of Drawers and Bachelor's chest are in good shape. Should I keep two pieces or ask for the triple dresser to be repaired so I will have three pieces of furniture and return the mirror and chest of drawers? Or should I make it clear I want all of the pieces int he lighter color and find a paint chip that matches the lighter color versus the darker color?

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Sassymnmom, mammie, totallyblessed, & moonshadow, I had written one very long reply post addressing each person in order and then it somehow got deleted when I was editing it for spelling errors. So I thought I would reply to Les first since my reply to her was fresh in my mind being my last paragraph in the post I lost.

Like you Sassymnmom, I love the look of the Stanley Furniture but sure wish it came in good shape like yours since I lost a weeks worth of work with all the stress of getting ready for the furniture and then the disappointment that got me sick for days since I love the look and don't want to give it back but know I need furniture pieces that match and the damage not there.

Mammie, Totallyblessed, and moonshadow, thank you for agreeing with me that the furniture damage and mismatch in colors of the paint is not acceptable at all. They really should compensate me with a credit also off of my furniture since I lost hours from this stress but I doubt it if I will get that. I sure hope I can resolve this tomorrow so I will know what I am doing on Tuesday when they want to pick up all the furniture and have Stanley send me new furniture. If I was not so in love with the styling of the Cottage Revival Set that Stanley Furniture makes, I would just demand my money back and look for a manufacture with a floor sample I liked.

Again, thank you everyone for making me not feel along and feeling like I can deal with this now.

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Lynn: I looked at the pictures. I LOVE the iron headboard and table: really gorgeous. Keep those, for sure. As for the Stanley pieces: honestly, I think you should just send them back and get a refund. They don't seem all that special to me, and I think you can find similar looking pieces, with better construction and in a color you want at another store. Even if they were able to send you undamaged furniture--and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the replacement furniture is damaged, as well--you now know that their furniture construction is substandard, anyway, so why keep it? So, my advice would be to just send it back and get a refund. Otherwise, I'm afraid you will be disappointed yet again.

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Lynn: If you do decide to order replacement pieces, rather than return the furniture, you might want to consider writing Mr. Scheffer (see link) about the problem. If that doesn't get you top-of-the-line replacements, I don't know what will. As the article notes, 60% of their products is manufactured in the U.S. The other 40% is outsourced. At the very least, bringing to his attention the shoddy workmanship of his company's products, as well as the fact that you are sharing photos of it on GardenWeb, should produce some kind of proactive response. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Stanley Furniture Info

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Thank you so much Organic for telling me you loved my headboard since for days before the furniture arrived, I was upset with myself for choosing such a busy headboard that I had no idea would look like in the rustic ivory color. But it looks wonderful and very gorgeous also and now I am happy I took a chance since I thought it would look nice nice in the lighter color without the return posts on the headboard and foot board. You really made my night since thank goodness I bought the headboard and table from Wesley Allen who really does a quality job with their iron furniture and I feel blessed that at least my latex FloBed Bed is set up and comfortable and my headboard and the iron table I am using as a night stand will stay so I can sleep and have water beside my bed.

I guess I will get sleep and reread all the posts in the morning to decide what I should do when I call the store. I sent them the pictures of the damage also today. The mismatch in paint colors bothers me the most as well as the tracks being damaged where the drawers go on.

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Organic, You are the BEST! I am going to find out the email of Mr. Scheffer to send him the link to this garden forum to show him how his outsourcing some of the Stanley furniture is ruining the wonderful reputation Stanley Furniture has and how I bought the set due to recommendations from this decorating forum. He will see that if he does not make this right for me, other will know since when I am happy, everyone knows but when I am unhappy, EVERYONE really knows. I make sure to share with everyone what I learn.

I know the guy who did my window treatment kept his promise of three weeks and came the day after the Hunter Douglas blinds arrived.

Also FloBeds.com has given me terrific customer service (I wrote an email about since I like to let other know when I am happy as well as unhappy) and even sent me headboard attachments overnight (without any extra charge) and higher 10" legs like I wanted. My bed is still not too high at a little less than 26" high but it looks better with my taller headboard and my bigger furniture so I am very pleased.

I just can't thank you enough for letting me know about this link and letting me know who I should be talking to. Maybe he can make sure my new set is the light color, matching and better quality. I will try tomorrow to contact him.


Stanley Furniture bucking industry trend
Feb 6, 2007
By BULLETIN WRITER. While imports continue to play a growing role in furniture production, Stanley Furniture remains committed to domestic manufacturing.

"We are quite the contrarians," said Stanley Furniture President/CEO Jeff Scheffer.

Stanley manufactures 65 percent of its products and imports 35 percent.

With estimates that 80 percent of the wood furniture sold in this country is made elsewhere, Scheffer recognizes that Stanley is bucking the industry. He has watched as many former domestic competitors closed their plants and focused more on imports, yet he is confident of Stanleys strategy.

That confidence stems from the companyÂs mission statement, which hangs on the walls of many of its offices and which Scheffer quotes often. It states that Stanley wants to produce the best product  something she (the customer) wants at a price she is willing to pay.

Stanley offers more than 4,000 items of wood furniture for every room  dining room, kitchen, adult and childrenÂs bedrooms, home office and home entertainment.

With most importers, a bedroom suite includes a bed, dresser, mirror, nightstand and chest of drawers, Scheffer said. But if, for instance, a customerÂs bedroom walls are not large enough to accommodate the full-sized dresser, the suite will not work. Stanley, on the other hand, has enough selection in each collection that it likely could offer a variety of dressers to fit the customerÂs needs, he added.

With a line that large, "we donÂt see how you could take 4,000 items, send their drawings to the Middle East," have the furniture produced, quality checked and shipped to the customer in 14 days, as Stanley is able to do domestically, he said.

That quick shipping means retailers do not have to keep an inventory of furniture, Scheffer said, and because products are made and inspected here, retailers do not have to repair damaged pieces.

Prompt deliveries also adds value to Stanley furniture, Scheffer said. "If we tell you something will be shipped on Friday, it will be shipped Friday. That is difficult to do when your supply chain begins on the other side of the world."

Stanley imports dining room chairs, accent tables, youth and some adult beds from China, Eastern Europe, the Philippines and Canada. It imports some components, but mostly finished goods that are blended into its domestic production, Scheffer said. For instance, in a dining room collection, the table and china cabinet may be made in this country and the tableÂs chairs likely would be imported.

Imports bring in new design elements, such as woven chairs or intricately carved items, he said. Those items are labor-intensive and can be made less expensively offshore, he added.

"Nothing we can do here canÂt be done for less money in China," Scheffer said, so "it makes no sense to try and compete solely on price."

Customers are willing to pay more for speed of delivery, value and quality, he said, adding that Stanley believes its domestic facilities give it a competitive advantage because they are located near the companyÂs customers.

The companyÂs goal of being the best manufacturer in the world is communicated to StanleyÂs nearly 1,400 area employees through meetings and the companyÂs newsletter. In all, Stanley has almost 2,200 employees.

"This community is as aware as anyone in this country the effect of China on manufacturing," Scheffer said.

And while employees give the company credit for keeping manufacturing in this country, he said, some are skeptical because of the plant closings and job losses that have occurred, added Robin Campbell, manager of advertising and marketing services for Stanley. Both call Stanley "associates" critical to making the companyÂs strategy work.

"At the end of the day itÂs a great time to be in business," Scheffer said, adding that it has been said that the wood residential furniture industry has changed more in the past five years than in the past 50. He agrees.

But, Scheffer said, "change is opportunity."

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More info (see link) you might want to reference when you contact Mr. Scheffer.

Remember: Don't be like me (who would probably be pounding on Mr. Scheffer's office door): Be nice!

Off to bed. Have a good night. :)

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I just spoke with Customer relations at Stanley Furniture per the wonderful suggestion of Organic_smallhome and just lost the long post I wrote again when i tried to spell check it so I am writing another post but this time shorter.

I feel Organic_smallhome is right that the President/CFO of Stanley Furniture would want to know that outsourcing products to China without full inspection of pieces including the internal structure of the furniture, could result in lesser quality and retailers having to take back refused damaged furniture or have to repair refused damaged furniture so he should be aware of this to take action now so Stanley will be continued to be known for quality and style at an affordable price.

Libby Wall, Consumer Relations gave me her email address and the President's email address that I will be emailing the damage of the furniture link to them as well as calling Diane again at the store where I bought the pretty Stanley Cottage Revival Bedroom Set that came to with unacceptable damage for a company that wants to be known for quality.

In the article you posted above Organic_smallhome, Mr. Scheffer mentions how the retailers do not have to be repair damage furniture since the furniture is inspected in the USA. Apparently my furniture did not have a good inspection. If I was to hire an employee to do work for me and I did not inspect the work well, I would be held liable. Hence, if Stanley plans to continue to outsource furniture production of several of their lines or pieces of furniture, they should set up a better quality control process and inspection before the pieces of furniture are sent overseas to the USA and again before being sent to the retail stores that sell the furniture to the customers who pay good money for furniture that is supposed to be quality without needing repairs and is supposed to match.

I will get back to everyone on the results of my emails and more phone calls. I then have to work to pay my bills and will be working all night tonight. This furniture problem has lost me so many hours of work since I can't focus on anything else but resolving the problem before I get back to work.

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OK, I sent the letters out now to the President to show the damage and to Consumer Relations there as well as to the retail store. Thank you Organic!

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So sorry for your troubles.
Just a side note - I had quality problems with my KA refrigerator. It developed cracks in the lining and was still under warranty. Their first fix was to send out a guy who applied white tape on the cracks. as he run out of the tape, he was not able to even tape all of them. This solution was not satisfactory to me, I posted it on kitchen forum and appliance forum and all forum members agreed that it was not OK solution. I wrote to the KA USA CEO and included links to the GW posts. Guess what, I got a call in couple of days and got a brand new refrigerator. Power of internet :)

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pumanmystike: GREAT idea. The knowledge that there is a major forum site where people share information about brands should catch their attention, for sure. What a super outcome for you!

lynn: Please keep us updated! I found another site that talked about how Stanley Furniture was one of the most environmentally-responsible companies (I mean, relatively speaking, of course), so it would be a shame if it folded--and all those Americans who work for it--lost their jobs, simply because of quality control.

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Thank you pumanmystike for sharing your story which makes me think maybe Diane at Mace Bros is right that I deserve a new matching set of furniture but I need a guarantee it will be in the lighter color and not damaged.

I had wanted my furniture repaired for fear of the new pieces coming back the darker color I dislike (the chest of drawers and dresser mirror is this darker color while the other pieces including the dresser is the lighter color) and damaged also but maybe I should expect new pieces that are the lighter color and not damaged.

I am still upset but glad I wrote this out and have this site to share with.

My friend in Canada feels I should not deal with a company such poor quality control that damaged furniture could go out that does not match either and thinks I should get my money back and buy solid wood from another company.
I just love the look of the Cottage Revival set and wish I could have a guarantee of the lighter color and pieces not damaged then I would be patient and wait for a set that is not damaged if they put a rush on it. I also wish there was less plywood and it was solid wood like I was told when I first called Stanley and was told NO particle board was used in their product. This is not true from what I see and from my call the day I was ready to order the furniture and how already fallen in love with the bead board sides and bun legs. I was not feeling well that day and someone else at Stanley told me (when I was asking if their headboards would be too heavy to attach to a slat box without the rest of the bed frame) that only the sides are particle board veneered in China. I got scared but Albert at Mace Bros. reassured me that he would air out the furniture and it was very sealed and I would have no problems. I also found a site that said at least 7 coats of paint that was formaldehyde free was placed on the furniture so I took a chance feeling from reading about the environmental concerns and caring Stanley has and the quality that they say they have, I will be alright.

My client is here reading over my letters since he is the one who at first said to accept the furniture so I can put my clothes away and he will repair it for me and I will give him a discount on his tax return. But when he saw the mismatch furniture colors the next day when my new blinds arrived letting in all that light in my bedroom, he felt differently.

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I am losing so much money in not working since this is bothering me so much. My client who is on business out of the country just called me upset that I am not ready to go over his work right now. I must work and put this behind me. I only wish there was damage and no mismatched pieces since I only like the lighter color.

Diane from Mace Bros. just called me back and she did not want to look at links or pictures and told me I must send back the pieces with damage and only keep what is not damaged. I told her I do not like the color of the Chest of Drawers and if I send everything back, all pieces could come back in the darker color.

She then repeated that what do I not understand. Send back the damaged pieces with tape on the areas damaged so a Stanley Representative can come to the warehouse to look over the pieces.

I told her I would appreciate it if she can just view the pictures I sent to her in a link and send me a new runner for the dresser drawer and paint to sand the back and repaint it so I can keep the dresser that matches the nightstand and bachelor's chest since any other damage on the triple dresser is minor.

She tells me they do not work that way. I must send back the damaged pieces and the mismatched pieces.

My friend calls and tells me the dresser does not match the mirror and you need to send it back to let them know you want only the light color for the rest of the furniture pieces. He feels I should not just keep the bachelor's chest and night stand since then the pieces may come back with the dresser not matching also.

Hence, it looks like I have to return all these pieces and no one wants to look at the pictures I sent them.

I hope in the warehouse they can see the color difference. I do not have a color printer. I wish I did. I have two laser printers that only print in black and white.

Maybe I can print the black and white pictures and label them 1a and 1b for anything related to the damaged runner, and 2a and 2 b related to the paint peeling, etc. and then add tape with numbers on it?

I can't understand why someone does not just come to my home to inspect the furniture.

I pray if I send it back and they decide to repair it and it comes back with damages on the external part from taking in on and off the truck (like the guys told me may happen when they were here last time) and then I will have other problems. If I rejected the furniture last time, I would have never realized the mismatched pieces.

I guess I have no choice but to send back all the pieces since the mirror does not match the dresser and it has damage on it and the Chest of Drawers has damage on the back and in the drawers and is the wrong color and a few of the drawers were not even cut right and have too much space between them.

I guess I will have to go out and buy those rolling plastic with lids containers to put under my bed for now and then put back my hallway furniture and wait and see what they say when they look at the furniture at the warehouse.

What a big disappointment since I loved the look of my new bedroom and I wanted to accept the furniture but the mismatch in the paint is not acceptable and the damage to the furniture shows the quality is not there as promised on the website.

I love the look of the Cottage Revival set(bead board sides and bun legs and unique bigger top drawer and pretty handles) and I was willing to have one piece (the triple dresser)fixed here and not at the warehouse so I could keep three pieces of furniture as I wait for the others.

But if they take the furniture away, I will expect brand new matching pieces in the lighter color as a complete matching set with none of the damage. I will then not accept a repaired set if they are not willing to keep anything here so I can put my clothes away unless they promise to match the color and kept me a credit for the damage as well as repair it.

How upsetting when I just wanted a quality set. If there was only damage, I would just keep it right now but the mismatched pieces bother me a lot.

I am very upset and must feed my doggies and work on this client's work and try to catch up.

Stanley has not written me back and I understand Diane, that I must not accept damaged furniture but I have no idea how many weeks I have to wait for new furniture. Oh well, I will have to be patient and wait now since Stanley did not do their job in making sure the furniture matched and was inspected internally before sending it to me.

So sad.....

Thanks for listening. If anyone has anything else to say to make me feel better, please do.

So I guess just send it all back but then how do I know I get the prettier color when it comes back?

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Lynn: That's just the problem: you cannot know what you will get when they send replacement pieces. If I were you, I would call Diane back and just say that you've decided that you are going to send everything back and you want a refund. Just be done with it: I think that will make you feel better more than another several weeks of wondering and worrying. They aren't the only furniture maker in the country, and I'm sure you can find another set that you will love just as much. :)

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Lynn: Here are possible options of similar furniture, but made in the U.S.






I think Harden furniture is made in the U.S., too.

Also, here's an interesting article (see link) about Bob Timberlake's view of the situation of domestic v. outsourced manufacturing of furniture.

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P.S. I've decided I will buy only American-made products from now on, if at all possible. If Americans want manufacturing (and the attendant jobs) to remain in their country, then they need to say "no" to outsourced products. And they also need to write the companies who stay here and thank them for their efforts. Of course, it's not an issue for some people, and that's fine, too. But for those who are concerned, I really think we need to vote, so to speak, with our dollars and pens. JMO.

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My client/friend noticed that the drawers inside the Stanley chest do not fit well and some are too small for the opening. He told me to take pictures as he was helping me label the damage with tape. I wish I had my new blinds that day of delivery rather than the next day since if I saw the mismatch furniture that day, I definitely would have rejected all the pieces.

I may love the look of Stanley but I am now wondering what will come back to me. I have decided after my call with Diane at the store where she would not give me any choice but to accept or send back the damaged and mismatched pieces, I must send all of the pieces back.

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Lynn, your store (Diane) does not sound very much like customer satisfaction is their thing. The pictures you have shown of defects etc. look awful. I have 2 bedrooms of Durham furniture plus a double dresser and mirror in a mismatched arrangement. This was purchased at a local furniture store as is and I don't see any of the issues you have with your Stanley. Their cottage line may not appeal to you as much as the one you have from Stanley but doubt that you would have all the headaches that you are now experiencing. I would be very upset too considering the crummy workmanship in your furniture. Did you see the furniture that you have before ordering it?

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Dorothy9, Thank you for your reply and letting me know the quality of Durham Furniture that is solid wood with no veneers hat is made in Canada and not offshore.

I had called so many stores to see Stanley's Cottage Revival Set in person and no store in NJ or the next two states over had any pieces in stock except one store almost 3 hours south of me had the Victorian Wooden bed and a file drawer in stock.

One local store had one night stand from the set in brown that was made very well with a sealed back an nothing like the poor quality I see in the furniture that arrived at my home last Tuesday.

I have decided tonight that I want my money back and I want to buy Durham Furniture since the quality was definitely there at a very local store and so far I have not heard one bad thing about Durham Furniture. I thought it was pretty but the drawers were not as deep and the furniture was smaller than the Stanley. I think I rather have less stylish and a little whiter in color than I had wanted than mismatched pieces and poor quality construction that may not last that long and I paid good money for this furniture expecting quality.

Thank goodness I bought the Wesley Allen headboard and table since I love those pieces and I will keep them.

I can not go through with the stress now of waiting so many weeks an not knowing what will come back. I offered Diane to just send me a replacement runner and some paint an I will have my client fix up the pieces for me so I would only have to return the chest of drawers and mirror and I would give her one knob to match the color of the paint. But she would not listen to me and kept telling me to not accept damaged furniture.

Hence, in sending it all back tomorrow (can't keep the night stand and bachelor's chest since then the new pieces coming back will not match), I do not want to worry for weeks that the grayish bone color I disliked will come back to me or the pieces will be substandard again.

I have not gotten much work done since the furniture arrived last Tuesday. I am very behind in my work. I am going to put my love of the style of the furniture behind me and go with quality and pretty enough over style with poor quality.

I am sure Stanley is a good company but not inspecting poorly made in China furniture is making me feel their outsourcing is not a good thing. I rather pay a little more for quality and service.

I will see if Albert the salesman at Mace Brothers Fine Furniture will let me cancel my Stanley order and go with Durham Furniture instead. If they will not do this for me, at least I paid with a credit card since I do not wish to have any more of this stress as I had fallen in love with the furniture's style but I had contracted for quality furniture and I do not see that in the outsourced furniture. If I have to give Stanley another chance, I want all the pieces in the lighter color and with no damage on them with good construction as the Stanley site indicates they have.

If I got my money back, then I will see who has floor models of the furniture I like to sell to me so I can have furniture now.

Thank you again Dorothy for posting an reminding me that quality comes first.

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Lynn: you do not "have to give Stanley Furniture another chance," regardless of what they tell you. Neither should you--or your friend--be repairing damaged furniture. That's ridiculous. Be firm and insistent that you want the furniture picked up and you want your money back. Period. If they continue to argue with you, tell them that you will report them to the Consumer Affairs Divison of the NJ Attorney General's office. Write a letter to that office, and cc Stanley Furniture, and send it registered mail. And call your credit card company to stop payment on the furniture immediately.

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Hi Organic,

I slept poorly last night but at this time 9:32 AM, I feel relieved that the damaged and mismatched furniture is out of my home that I tried so hard to keep by wanting to work with Stanley and the store on having the damaged items fixed with only the real mismatched items replaced. Now I see since it is out of my bedroom, that I do not want such poor quality made furniture in my bedroom with no guarantee I will get back matching furniture. I want my money back from Stanley Furniture/the store and I want to go with the Solid Wood Durham Furniture made in Canada that may be a little less stylish and a little less drawers but is quality since I saw that in person int he Royal Cottage Line and I was impressed. I only went with Stanley for the bead board sides and bun feet and taller triple dresser.

I will update everyone on the outcome with the Mace Bros Store an with Stanley. Mace Bros. was highly recommended by a friend who dealt with a different owner who was a male. Diane seemed so nice in the store so maybe she is still nice and will understand when she sees the quality of the Stanley Furniture that they sent to me without inspecting it for color matching (told me they used one paint just for all my furniture... what a LIE... but I think Albert told me what he believed to be true so it is Stanley's LIE), and internal and back damage. Structure damage to runners is not acceptable and having the wood splinter in the back when a screw is placed in it is not acceptable.

I want to switch to Durham Furniture now since I do not believe that Stanley can send to me matching pieces in the lighter color with no damage since the quality control looks like it is no longer what it once was from the outsourcing in China.

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I know that this is a moot point, since you have decided to switch to Durham, but, I just wanted to thank you for posting about your troubles with Stanley. (I was writing a long post about this yesterday but it was lost when everything got zapped in a thunderstorm- coincidentally right around when organic posted about buying American!)
I was fully prepared to plonk down a couple thousand dollars on some kids bedroom furniture as I researched a couple months ago on the furniture forum that Stanley made excellent bunk beds. I most certainly will not be doing that now.

I am very leery of things for kids made in China these days (not to mention for dogs, cats or anybody else). In addition to the lack of structural integrity that you experienced, many products seem to be made with or tainted with lead and other dangerous heavy metals. I read a frightening article a few weeks ago in the WSJ about the cheap little metal jewelry trinkets (think quarter toy machines in grocery stores) being made with as much as 65% lead. There simply aren't protocols in place to test the safety of these pieces either in China or the United States. It is one small part of the reason, in addition to the recent known scares resulting in recalls of Thomas the Train engine and Mattel toys made with lead paint, that I am going to think long and hard about purchasing anything made in China again. I simply do not trust the materials that are used over there.

It is going to be interesting to see how this shakes out with consumers as more is uncovered about the shoddy manufacturing practices and questionable materials used in China.

OK, thanks for letting me rant!

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lmnca, thanks for sharing your thoughts and I am glad I could help you out before you have problems like I have had all week with the furniture stress.

I am so upset right now since my Toshiba Universal brand new remote was in the night stand taken away by Mace Bros. today so hopefully integrity will have it returned to me. I called Diane to let her know. She told me nicely that I have to wait until the furniture delivery guys arrive at the warehouse. They took the TV off of the stand and the TV book out of the top of the night stand, so why did they not take the remote out. I sure hope it was an oversight since I just called my credit card company to let them know.

I was going to take everything off but when I got up, I had to feed my dogs, get dressed, and try to get copies made of what was giving to show all the damage of the pictures I printed in black and white with numbered labels that matched the masking tape I was told to place where damage was. SO much work to return this furniture and the stress all week.

Then my client arrived with three color pictures he managed to print for me and when I went downstairs to copy them, I came upstairs to the TV off of the night stand with the booklet beside it and I was not thinking about the Remote since I was worried I would get a sign off that the men took the numbered pictures and have proof that they took the furniture away and my little dogs were not escaping outside.

I only used two drawers for a weeks. I put a few paper items in the top Dresser drawer and the new TV remote and booklet in the top drawer of the night stand I planned on keeping. I was going to keep the two pieces that were in fairly decent shape (... still shoddy work underneath the drawers but much better than the other pieces of furniture ..... night stand and bachelor's chest) and it wasn't until analyzing the situation last night, I realized by keeping two pieces, I was sure I would get back more mismatched furniture. Then I realized I should go with Durham for quality.

Now I am so upset and I must focus on my work and pray that the two nice men that did the moving for Mace Bros. have integrity and return my remote or I will file a claim against them with the police department. I am that upset now. It is my first real nice TV and I chose it for the sound quality and the universal big button remote it came with and the good deal I got on it.

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Lynn, I feel so bad for you. The anticiapation of waiting for something and upon arrival is damaged/wrong color can be overwhelming and puts your mind in a state of 'flux'. I can't concentrate on anything else until the ordeal has been resolved and puts my mind at ease.

I was going to say I would send it back and not re-order, but see you've decided to go with the Durham~is it made in NC? JC Penney has a nice looking cottage set, but don't know what the quality might be. I'm convinced if you can't see it IRL, don't buy.
I have to tell you your iron bed is absolutely beautiful! I've never been particularily attracted to the iron stuff, but yours makes me want to run out and buy one. LOL

Everything WILL work out, Lynn. Hang in there! ;o)

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Thank you Patty_cakes for making me feel not alone. I am a good worker but when something is this overwhelming in my personal life, I can't concentrate on anything else either until the ordeal is resolved so I have hardly any work done all week and now my remote was taken by men who moved the furniture out of here but hopefully they did not do it intentionally and return it.

Thank you again for posting and making me feel better about the frozen state I get in when something needs to be resolved and needs action immediately to get the best results. I am glad at least I did the right thing today by putting my heart aside for the beauty of the style of the furniture and my brain back on for quality.

I wanted solid wood with NO particle board due to my allergies to formaldehyde. I called Bassets and was told, they do have particle board under the veneers so I did not buy their set. All the furniture at JCPenney has particle board in it from my phone calls and from smelling it in the stores despite the beauty. Thanks for thinking of me.

I called Durham and was told their furniture was solid wood with no particle board.

I called Stanley and their representative unintentionally I feel misrepresented their product as solid wood veneer over solid wood. Due to a post on the Furniture site that Veneer could be high quality when used for decoration and over solid wood, this satisfied me. Also from reading about Stanley Furniture and that they have so many coats of formaldehyde free paint that seals their wood, I felt safe. However, the paint was chipping on the back of the dresser that appeared to be only one coat of paint and sloppy excess glue was everywhere so their quality is not what they said it was. Plus my friend who owns the cottage Revival Set told me that her drawers have stoppers, Stanley's recent manufacturing of this bedroom set has drawers that come out now since they have no stoppers on them.

They are cutting corners and quality in china which is not a company I now want to do business with after finding out more and more things wrong with my furniture as well as mismatched colors of paint when I was told they mix up one batch for each customer to get the pieces to all match perfectly. Well, from seeing the pictures, you know that is NOT true!

When I finally fell in love with Stanley'S Cottage Revival Set (would have never considered it if I was told the sides were made of particle board with veneer over it), I called to talk to Stanley customer service again about their headboards since Albert at Mace Bros. thought the wooden headboard would be too heavy to attach to headboard brackets on a slat box on my FloBed Latex Bed. They agreed with him and since my bedroom was not wide enough to allow me to comfortably open my dresser drawers if I had a foot board and wooden frame that would add about 10 more inches, I chose the iron head board. BUT, this new Stanley representative told me the sides were made in china with particle board covered with veneer sealed very well but the rest of the set was solid wood (a LOT of plywood I found out as well as particle board on this recent manufacturing of the pieces I received).

I then told the salesman when I drove there that day (or it was the next day) that maybe I should go with Durham then, but he reminded me how pretty the Stanley was and that it was sealed so well and he would air it out for me in their warehouse for several weeks since it should be there in 4 weeks while the Iron Headboard and table may take up to 8 weeks. Well, the Stanley Furniture arrived in 10.5 weeks and came to my home 1 day short of 11 weeks. Wesley Allen delivered their furniture in less than half the time of Stanley. I had to wait for both until all pieces were there.

I guess my instinct were right that day to switch to Durham Furniture. But if I was NOT lied to at first, I would have never considered Stanley furniture so I would have not fallen in love with the bead board sides and bun feet.

If the pieces were not mismatched and the damage was all just external, I would give Stanley another chance. But the damage on the rolling part of the drawers (the part that the drawer slides in and out of the drawer) and the white and putty fillers for chips and big cracks in the Chest of drawers that is the wrong color, had me realizing that I contracted for quality furniture that was supposed to match since Albert told me they use one big batch of paint for all my furniture. I do not want to stay with Stanley now and want quality furniture. I was willing to pay good money for quality furniture but this is not quality in my opinion to my standards.

I lost a week's worth of work but feel better sharing and others agreeing with me that the damage they see is not acceptable for new furniture. This should be Stanley's wake up call to supervise and inspect their outsourcing division in China or they will lose many customers.

Thank you for letting me know about the Iron headboard being beautiful since I was so nervous it would look too busy and I would regret not going with a wooden head board. Now I see that was a great decision I made and I love my little night stand also. I love the style I chose since it is romantic and unique. Not many people liked it when I shared it with others but for once in my life, I went with my gut reaction since I wanted a headboard to be 6 feet high.

Well, I better work now and get this off my mind until the furniture arrives back at the warehouse and hopefully they have my remote control to my new LCD TV. If they can't find it, I am filing a police report against them so I hope it was an oversight.

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Just a note that Harden does not make all of their furniture in the USA. Their Tapestry line is made in China. I have this line and the quality is topline, so it wouldn't be fair to categorically dump all made in China into the crappy bucket.

I have Stanley in my home and never experienced those issues you have, Lynn, including purchase made last year. I'm sorry you are so disappointed.

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Oh Lord Lynn, I feel even worse for you now!! I have a good friend who can't even go into a department store without her eyes/nose running, and getting a headache within an hour. It's the same formaldahyde thing. She worked at Casual Corner for many years and the whole store was that old dark panneling, which was probably 90% formaldahyde. When she built her home, she had to use everything as natural as possible, including wool carpeting and real wood flooring, but ceramic tile was okay. She can't wear a stitch of make-up either. Would I be in trouble! LOL I think the doc said she had an auto-immune disorder~thank you Casual Corner! They wouldn't even pay her disability. Hope you don't have as many problems as she has.

Just wanted to say I had an all white bedroom(not the furniture)and found it so relaxing, as well as romantic and feminine(it's just me). Yours looks so pretty it makes me want to change everything back again. LOL I added black and gold as I was wanting a little 'drama in the bedroom'. It looks more luxurious, but still think the all white was prettier.

Now get back to work! LOL ;o)

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Pattycakes, My allergies have been so bad since the furniture has been here but to be fair it had been bad several days also before the furniture arrived with this muggy weather so it may only be aggravating it a little more since my allergies area little worse than before it arrived. Maybe they use goo paint but I really now want to go with solid wood. I know I have bought things with particle board I had to keep in my garage and get rid of by giving them away for free that were not sealed well due to not being able to breath.

I never had an all white room and I loved the light furniture and still want ivory furniture.

I just called the warehouse and they sent the remote to the store and the store is federal expressing the remote to me tomorrow. So now I am feel more relaxed knowing it was an oversight on the part of those two men since they seemed so nice.

I still love the look of Stanley Furniture but I do not want to take another chance in waiting and being disappointed based on so many problems and shoddy construction in the dresser and Chest of Drawers.

I thnk I would like Durham despite not having the pretty bead board sides and the pretty bun feet.

dgmarie, it is the supervision and the inspection that is important if a furniture company is going to outsource manufacturing overseas. Apparently, Stanley did not do this too well on my set.

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Patty_cakes.. Durham Furniture is made in Canada and does not outsource their manufacturing I am told and they use only solid wood with no particle board according to their website. I was recommended to the Royal cottage but chose Stanley due to the Bead Board Sides and Bun Feet and I thought a creamier color from the Internet pictures. I still love the creamy color of my lighter Stanley Furniture pieces (dresser, night stand and bachelor's chest) and style so much BUT after seeing the construction and poor paint matching and the damages of the Stanley furniture, I am willing to sacrifice style now for quality. I hope I can now change my order since Stanley broke their contract on me by not fulfilling the quality part of it they promised me and then not working with me to keep what I had to put my clothes away and only replace the mismatched color and give me a discount for the damaged pieces. Now I just want a refund and to have Albert at the Mace Bros. Store order me the Durham instead.

Any suggestions on the set up of the room with Durham since the pieces are not the same size?


About Us

Furniture Makers Since 1899...

Durham Furniture's mission today is the same as it was over 100 years ago: design solid wood furniture built to last at a good value to our customer. Our reputation among the best furniture dealers in North America is one of rock solid reliability, exceptional quality and innovative design. Year after year our products take home design awards that recognize The Durham Difference not only in construction but for our attention to the details that really matter when our customers make a lifetime commitment to our products.

Your experience with Durham Furniture will also include a visit to some of the best furniture dealers in North America. We, along with them, encourage you to take your time, find what fits your tastes but then take the time to understand the product you are looking to purchase. Can you push the drawer in with one finger? What is a "corner block" and why does it matter? These are the kinds of things our website will try to point out during your visit but we strongly encourage you to take the next step and find a dealer where you can touch and see our products first hand.



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I just read through this thread. Lynn, I am so sorry for you, but stay strong, you'll get this over and done with, having learned a lesson or two the hard way. Those are the lessons you don't forget!!! Just take care of it, and let it go. And I have to say to Organic Smallhome, girl, I admire your spirit!! If you get a product poorly made, return it, and get your money BACK!
I am also buying American made products, as much as possible.

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I was going to stay out of this in print, but before anymore of this STANLEY IS THE EVIL NEMISIS goes on any further, let me tell you of how Stanley actually SAVED MY Butt.

I know of Susan's situation and in no way am devaluing Susan's experience, so lets be clear there. Part of the blame belongs with Stanley, but part of it belongs with her furniture store too. It will all work out in the end and what Susan finally ends up with, is what the "Universe" if you will, intended for her. I've just seen too many times when it's worked out that way for each individuals ultimate benefit, even when at the time we don't think so. On to my story....

I personally have Stanley's Cottage revival bedroom suite for 3-4 yrs now in the Mackanaw White in several large pieces and smaller pieces as well. I am very happy with it, quality etc., matching colors, no problems etc.

I knew ahead of time my collection was coming out of China/Taiwan (it's on the sticker). Here is my story about Stanley: I too did my homework,,saw the pieces in person etc. I had a gorgeous Stanley bedroom suite in a pervious marriage and loved it so felt comfortable there too. So having lived in N.Carolina for 8 yrs and having family there too, I know of the furniture industry etc...how cuttings work, who's who in furniture and all that. So I do my homework on ordering from a furniture store in bus. in N.Carolina for 26 yrs and checking them out. Fine, I place my order and give them the required deposit knowing to expect about 16 wks for delivery. About 14 wks go buy and I check in with the furniture store,,"Everything's fine,,we're expecting it XYZ date etc." That date is coming in a couple days so I call back and get the run around from the furniture store,,they aren't calling me back etc. I follow back in a wk and get stone walled and told a bunch of stuff saying Stanley's delayed and so forth. Well I decide to find out from Stanley what is going on, since I have that bad feeling... I get my way to the production Mgr. for that grouping and find out that A) My pieces are ready and have been since there was no delay in any of the pieces I ordered via Asia and I could have had my furniture earlier. Stanley has been waiting for their money from Furniture store on XYZ date so they can ship out and of course, with the help of Murphy's law, find out that said furniture store just filed for Bankruptcy. The Stanley Mgr. tells me of the Filing like 3 days before, since they got word of it, naturally. He tells me the whole story of this furniture store since they've done business with them for years and what he knows about their whole situation, and why they filed BK, which I don't want to bore you with. The Stanley guy tells me how to file legal paperwork with the BK court etc. putting in my claim,,(I can't remember all the legal jargon now) so I do what he says immediately. I get back in touch with him and since my furniture is now ready and they have no $ on my particular pieces from Bankruptcy furniture store and I've waited my turn for the furniture order, he allows me to get another dealer in CA where I live and tells me of the new place's standing with Stanley, what stores is reputable with them etc. I'm thinking by this time my $1500 deposit is totally gone bye, bye and the new furniture place, knowing of my plight, gives me just about the same price as the 1st "BAD" furniture store plus tax (I actually got it for pretty much rock bottom) according to Stanley, since I had disclosed everything I had gone thru in my sob story for help. So I cough up the 70% required from new furniture store, double check with the Stanley guy, he confirmed to me they did indeed get $ (I am smarter by this time) and get my furniture delivered. Stanley guy holds my hand through all this,,sends me a paint pen and patch kit for down the road should I need it free (I haven't yet) and calls me with when it left on their delivery trucks to CA, the company they use etc.

Now, he didn't have to help me at all since XYZ 1st furniture store, owes them lots of money and they easily could have filled others orders with my intended pieces, BAD furniture store lied to me about dates of furniture being ready, since they were really using my money to "float" their failing business, tells me how to make the best of a bad situation & all that. I ended up about 6 months later, due to the filing of paper work Stanley told me to do, getting $600 back from BAD furniture store when I probably wouldn't have seen even that much on the dollar if at all and the guy just really did everything he could for me. I get a mini, inside the industries inner workings and all ends up well.

So yes, our whole country is affected by the Chinese and many other non US countries, in one way or the other, and unfortunately the furniture industry, in their quest to stay alive, finds ways to stay in business using them. Big business and Joe Smith in America is paying the price in more ways than one and will do so for a long time I'm afraid. So that is my story. I do what I can to help others and "buy American" as much as I can, or budget will allow, and use my power of "The Vote".

We will all have unfortunate events in our lives and if you are lucky enough not have had bad things happen to good people, I will "predict" if you will, that Murphy's Law will happen to everyone down the line, probably multiple times. The important thing to remember is, "to trust in yourself, that you will be able to handle life's curve balls and not dig your own hole in the ground and jump in it, at every turn. (Partly a Dr. Phil'ism with my 2 cents throw in there somewhere).

So here's to another day and the wish and hope that tomorrow, and the days to come, will be better for Susan and I for one will support this Dr. Phil'ism for her.
That's all she (I) wrote. Nicole

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Nicole, Thank you for writing and telling how Stanley was on your side and due to this story and your love of the Cottage Revival Set, I bought the set. I am hoping Stanley realizes they need better supervision of the Chinese Manufacturing that is all of a sudden trying to cut corners across American to those outsourcing to China since Stanley is not the only one affected.

I am hoping this is a wake up call to them to do better inspections at their USA headquarters of Outsourced furniture before sending the products to the stores. I am hoping this since I feel they have a very beautiful stylish product that was once made very well. Nicole had told me her drawers had stoppers in them. My drawers did not and came all the way out. Even my Levitz bought set had stoppers in them that I bought over 14 years ago. I have seen pictures of the furniture Nicole has and all the pieces match and are beautiful.

I have spoken to Stanley's customer service on the telephone and they have been very nice to me. I had wanted them to work with the store so I could put my furniture away and just give me a discount for the damage and send me replacement parts and for them to just send me back a new Chest of Drawers and mirror in the lighter color that is on the dresser, bachelor's chest and night stand. But Stanley's customer service told me they can not do anything since once the furniture is sent to the store, the store has the final decision.

After having my furniture out of my bedroom now all day and after losing almost one weeks worth of work from all this stress, I now am glad I sent it all back since I paid good money for brand new furniture that is matching and made well. Nicole, your furniture is matching and made well. My furniture was poorly constructed (except for the bachelor's chest and night stand that was mostly made fairly well) from my point of view from what I could see from the pieces of furniture I had here that had peeling paint, holes so deep you could see it was veneered over something else inside, long cracks with filler on it not painted over it, splintered wood where my drawers need to slide in and out, drawers made too small for the opening on my Chest of Drawers, etc.

If my set came to me all matching and well made, I would be so happy since I did love the look of the Stanley Furniture. But now I really want the store to give me a good price on the Durham Set because I can't not afford to financially or emotionally waste time waiting for furniture that may not match again or may not have the quality controls in place in China that I hope Stanley will soon have in place after reading this posting so we can all love their furniture's quality again, and I can't afford to have to send it back again. I need furniture ASAP that is well made.

I bought the plastic Sterling drawers to slide under my bed to hold clothes until new furniture arrives. But the plastic drawers with rollers on them are made out of PP it says on the back and they are out-gassing and are now outside. It does not say PVC, so I am hoping the out-gassing is temporary. Hence, I am not sure I will be able to even utilize them as planned. I will have to wait and see.

Again, My emotions were all messed up all week because I wanted to keep the Stanley furniture due to its beauty and unique pretty look, but today I had no choice but to return the set due to the damages on it and the mismatched pieces.

But again I am hoping Stanley appreciates this post and does what they can to put the quality controls in place to inspect pieces of furniture coming from China like they claim to inspect so well from those domestically made that they claim retail stores never have to fix damage based on an article written by the President of Stanley Furniture. Stanley Furniture is beautiful with a unique look and needs to win back consumer's confidence again in their quality. I am sure this will not be done over night and that is why I at this time want to see if Diane will refund my money and let me negotiate a good price on the Durham Furniture.

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I made a typo and meant " I have spoken to Stanley's customer service on the telephone and they have been very nice to me. I had wanted them to work with the store so I could put my CLOTHING (not furniture) away ...."

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Susan, You just might have been the fluke case, who knows but at least Stanley knows,,who can say, other than the mismatched paint, where the damage occured since if I owned that furniture store, I would have inspected it before I put on the truck for delivery to absolve myself from the ramifications of getting bad furniture from the manuf. then the onus would no way be on me, furniture store owner. But we won't know since the owner has turned hostile. If she doesn't do a complete 180 on her attitude and start bending over backward to regain your business, I'd dump her like yesterday's garbage for the way she handled the whole thing and treated you!! The manufacturer will usually always tell you the reputable dealers that sell their product in your area. That may be the best way to go about choosing who (furniture store) to place the new order for the other companies furniture.

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My LONG post I just wrote disappeared. :(

I will try to write a shorter post.

Thank you Nicole for being there for me all week and I agree with all you are saying but I also know that despite not knowing who did some of the damage (Stanley or the store), I feel a lot of the damage was done by Stanley since there was excess glue under the drawers that was globbed on and not wiped off. Deep cracks in the drawer that was filled in and putty on the edges of the drawers you are right are in question who did this damage, Stanley or the store. I assumed it was done in China since my furniture arrived on Thursday and was delivered to me by Tuesday but who knows. But I do know China used a piece of wood on the Chest of drawers that was in bad shape and should not have been used. I do know that deep hole in the furniture that was splintered and not patched up was not acceptable. I do know the splintering sides of the reinforced wood pieces was done in China on the drawers. I do know the runner splintering showed cheap wood and who knows how this happened. I do not know how the paint could be peeling and coming off and puckering on back of my new dresser. I do not know how Stanley could tell the store (Albert told me this) they use one batch of paint per each customer's furniture and then have such a big mismatch in colors between my dresser's mirror and the dresser and the chest of drawers not matching the other pieces either. I do not know how the other damage happened but I know it happened before arriving at my home and that is all that matters now is that I can not accept mismatched pieces and unknown quality of furniture.

I guess I will see what Stanley and the store have to say when they see the furniture. Better lighting should be in the warehouse and better furniture inspections of the outside and inside of the furniture before accepting it from Stanley by the store I agree so this disappointment to the customer, waste of the customer's time and the customer losing faith in the quality of the furniture and buying process do not eradicate.

I am upset tonight and sad that this whole week happened and I hope I get a good night's sleep to catch up with my work and I hope that my furniture fiasco is taken care of soon.

Again thank you Nicole for listening to me and taking my calls all week since I was so stressed out.

Susan Lynn in NJ

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Nicole, I am on the phone with my another friend who agrees with you that the store owner should have made sure my pieces matched before sending them to me. I wonder how many sets of the Cottage Revival was sent to the store? They should have seen the damage and made sure everything matched before sending it to me and that their was no internal or external damage before accepting the furniture from Stanley.

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Since the drawers have no stops and surprisingly come out all the way which is not good for quality drawers, I wonder who dropped the drawers to have damage inside and put filler on it to repair it? I noticed this on the day of delivery (one drawer I thought only on my Chest of Drawers)but I thought it was just that one drawer and did not yet know the slider that the drawer is on was damaged on the dresser so two pieces of furniture had internal damage (which I do blame for cutting corners and not having stoppers on the furniture) and I have been blaming China but now I wonder who patched up the drawers? Who is really to blame? Of course China did the messy glue job and the too small drawer for the opening on the Chest of Drawers which is very poor quality. Mismatched paint I assumed was because of Stanley. I wonder if someone else ordered a Cottage Revival Set and they had my Chest of Drawers and my mirror? I guess I can ask Stanley what other Sets they sent the store. I am not accusing anyone of anything, I am just realizing Nicole that you are right, I have no idea who did the damage. I have been on the phone with my friend Al discussing this and he is the one that mentioned maybe another customer has my chest of drawers and mirror. I never thought of this! Does Stanley label the pieces of furniture for the customer and labeled it wrong and the store did not notice the pieces of furniure were mixed up? Or did only one set go to the store and Stanley has poor quality control OR they sent my chest of drawers and mirror to a different retailer and they mixed the pieces up. I wonder what happened?

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I couldn't sleep last night getting myself worked up before bed so I am having a stressful morning. I am going to try to squeeze in time between this work this morning to give Stanley a quick phone call to see if two orders of the Cottage Revival was sent to the store. If it was, then we have to question what happened. If it wasn't, then that is poor quality control on Stanley's part to have mismatched paint. I want to know and I would like others to know also before we blame anyone.

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beachlily z9a

Lynn, you do not have a good grasp on how furniture importation happens. All these pieces enter the country in HUGE shipping containers. Your order isn't sent to China and furniture isn't manufactured that says "This is for Lynn". There is no way to track down "who has your chest of drawers". Your furniture co. may be big enough that they order a container at a time. I don't know. I just know that no one else "has your chest of drawers". Two sets or 15 sets of Cottage Revival may have been shipped to the store. The distribution center doesn't match this stuff up. They just fill orders: for instance, 15 chests, 15 headboards, 30 nightstands. They don't match the sets and then send them out. That's too much to expect from a company that manufactures furniture in China.

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beachlily, thank you for letting me know this is how furniture importation happens.

Then Albert, the salesman was mistaken also since he told me that Stanley mixes up a batch of paint just enough to use on all my furniture pieces so they will all match perfectly. He told me that is why I needed to order all pieces now so they would match since order later on another piece could make the pieces mismatch.

Hence, I see now that they do exactly what you said and someone should have made sure all my pieces matched before sending them to me. The pieces should have never been delivered to my home with the runner broken on the top left dresser drawer. The Chest of Drawers with that much damage on the back and on two of the drawers and not matching should have never entered my home. The mirror on the dresser not matching my triple dresser should have never entered my home. The warehouse should have better lighting to notice this so the customer does not have to go through this stress.

I was willing to accept some damage on the back of the furniture but I was not willing to accept internal damage to the structure of the drawer (where it glides on is splintered and really damaged per the picture I sent in), no drawer stoppers to prevent future problems with drawers once I fill them with clothes, the cracks on the drawer despite the fillers may make the chest of drawer not sturdy for my clothes, etc. I was not willing to accept the fact that the colors do not match. I did not like the fact that one drawer was not cut right for the opening of the chest of drawers. I did not like how the back of the dresser was already peeling when it is NEW furniture that I paid good money for.

Most of all, I did not like how damaged furniture was delivered to my home to cause me this much stress when it should have never entered my home. I am so behind in my work an must get back to work. I appreciate your post telling me how furniture manufacturers work that ship furniture to the USA from China.

So I do not know who is at fault here and I no longer care. I just am glad I sent the damaged and mismatched furniture back.

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Lynn, just a note about Durham. I am happy with the furniture but noticed that the dresser I have here does not have drawer stops. Can't tell about the other pieces because I gave one set to our son when we moved and could not use a king bed. The other one is in our other townhouse in another state. I have not had a drawer fall out in spite of not having stops. I also had a Lexington set and hated it because the drawers were so shallow. It did have stops but also had heavy cardboard on the backs of the case pieces.

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Thank you so much for telling me this Dorothy about the Durham Furntiure pieces that you having not having drawer stops since the pieces in another furniture store did when the saleswoman was showing me the quality of Durham. But also Nicole (Piper101) had told me that her furniture has drawer stops from Stanley that she bought almost 4 years ago.

Maybe if I order from Durham to be price competitive, they will no longer have drawer stops and it sounds like it may not be such a problem after all. Thanks for letting me know. I have not bought furniture in a long time and I never had a situation like this in my life to deal with that was so stressful.

The shallow 2.25" and 3.25" height small drawers in my Vaughan of Virginia set from Levitz bought over 14 years ago have drawers stops in the triple dresser only and not in the two night stands and the drawers are always coming out. I can't stand the shallow drawers that fit nothing in my current old set.

So I went with Stanley over Durham due to the overall Deeper wider drawers in their chest of drawers and taller triple dresser and their styling and the creamy color of the lighter pieces of furniture they sent to me that I had loved so much.

I did love the deep drawers of Stanley and their styling so much but I do not like how importation of furniture works if there is no guarantee of matching furniture. I feel sad since I really wanted to stay with Stanley. But I did like the backs on the Durham Furniture that was very well sealed on the floor model on the Royal Cottage set at another store.

I really am thinking it would be best to find a store with floor models to buy from so I do not have to wait weeks again.

Maybe I should have listened to Diane and rejected the pieces of furniture last week but if I did so, I would have not known about all the problems I kept finding out about. I may have also kept the night stand and bachelor's chest that were in fairly good shape and had future matching problems. I see now if there is major damage, reject the whole set right away. How sad it has to be like this. I still was willing to accept the damaged furniture and mismatched furniture with a major discount but I guess that is not the store's policy and they have to follow policy.

Furniture buying seems too complicated and stressful and it is a shame I still need a bedroom set. I now have my other dresser in the other room that holds only jewelry, panties and bras and hair pieces due to the very shallow drawers.

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Lynn, I happened to notice the very large number of entries in this topic and stopped to check it out.

My thoughts really aren't about the furniture per se, and please take this in the spirit in which it is offered...it seems from reading that you are getting terribly obsessed with this entire situation. For example looking at the date/time stamps I noticed that yesterday and early this morning you had repeated lengthy entries, including only minutes apart late at night, without them even getting any responses by anyone else.

My advice is if you can, put aside all these endless speculations about all the minute details. Tell the store what you want (apologies, I just couldn't make it through each post carefully, it was too much). Let them make it right.

IIRC, you had a situation awhile ago about a refrigerator and the same type of extended lengthy session worrying about it. Again I don't say this to be nasty or judgmental but it might be helpful to find healthy methods to release some psychic energy in other ways.

Best of luck to you,

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Ann, I appreciate your constructive criticism.

I think from my dealings with some companies in the past, I feel if I do not take care of the issues all at once and prove my point, I have future problems. I wanted to make sure I had proof that I was not being too picky.

But I felt so bad last night that I was blaming Stanley for everything after I read Nicole's long post and felt she was right I have no idea who is at fault for what parts of this furniture fiasco. I had no idea furniture shopping could be so difficult. I felt then I had to come forward to write another post to explain that Nicole may be right, I do not know and can't continue blaming all one party.

I had spent weeks looking for the right set for my bedroom that I could love that was value and good quality. I felt I had did my homework. I lived with a mess for months until my furniture came (platform bed had broken in February and I lost 4 big deep drawers) and could not wait to have a neat place knowing where all my clothes were. I felt I learned that deep drawers and size were important as well as quality and style.

I was so happy when the furniture arrived which to me was so beautiful on the outside, better than I imagined it would look in my bedroom. I hated to send it back when I found some external damage that was hidden and that is why I initially accepted it. I did not want to wait weeks again for a new set.

But when I found internal structure drawer damage, in addition to the external damage in the back and then the mismatch in colors, it got me so stressed out since I live alone, I am not rich and I am trying hard to buy things I love for my home that are value.

I was willing to accept the furniture as is with a major discount. But this was not an option given to me and I guess I have to learn to accept the policy of stores and not fight it.

I am not rich enough to get a new set every year. I kept my last set that was a bad decision for the lack of space in the drawers for over 14 years. I feared I would have to live with a bad decision if I did not return mismatched pieces that could have future problems due to the damage on the pieces sent to my home.

You are right it is a problem of mine when I get so focused on a problem I must solve that I can't focus on anything else until the problem is resolved completely. It is a good thing when I am working on getting a deadline done how focused I can be but a bad thing when I have other issues that should be a priority of mine at the moment. Thank you for reminding me of this problem of mine so I can work on letting things go.

But I wanted also to warn others like I hope others warn me when there are problems.

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beachlily z9a

Lynn, although I find your repetition to be taxing, I understand your frustration! Three years ago my husband and I ordered a buffet and chairs from Canadel, a Canadian manufacturer. Solid wood, good detail, OK quality. Well, I had reservations from the start. We ordered it in natural birch and every flaw is obvious. The chair legs were pieced. That's a very legitimate way to do it, but usually stain covers the differences in wood color and no one is the wiser. Well, no stain and oh my! it is obvious. Also the doors of the buffet are flimsy--picky picky. Nice looking though and my friends are all complimentary.

About a year ago I started looking for replacements. I love contemporary furniture so we looked in South Carolina, South FL, you name it, we went. We live just south of Daytona Beach, FL. Put over 2,000 mi. on the car trying to find my dream. My criteria: solid wood, American made, contemporary. Over this last weekend (my birthday) we went to Orlando and I caved. We went to 3 stores and then to Robb and Stucky (read $$$$$). In their clearence center, there was a mahogany (gag) Henredon buffet that had retailed for $8,0000. Clearence price was $3,900 minus 20%. Everything else in the collection had been sold and this was left. Well, two out of three ain't bad. (I'm listening to Meatloaf in the background). My husband loved the buffet but stepped back for me to make the decision. I looked it over, rubbed my hand over most of it, opened these wonderful little drawers, touched the rosewood veneer inserts (I love wood to the point that I've taken woodworking classes!!!) .... then turned to the salesman and said I'll take it. Shocked my husband of 33 years (good to surprise them sometimes). Not my style, not my wood, but oh so well manufactured, details beautifully executed--the contrast with my Italian marble table will be -- ????) The buffet will be delivered next week--the piece I saw, rubbed and loved. No ordering, no wondering. Its been a long path! But someone going to be happy. We are going to gift the Canadel to a friend of my husband--a policeman who is raising a family on the small salary paid by the Daytona government. We thought of trying to sell it; but, our satisfaction is far greater if we gift it. I am blessed to be in this position. We are not foisting something yucky on an unsuspecting person. It looks new and has a LOT of life left in it. We just want someone who can use it, get it. If we advertised it in the paper, it could be someone who purchased their second home down here who would pay for it. Its better that someone who needs it gets it.

Lynn, your stress is obvious, but NEVER be so in love with something that you can't say no when it is delivered in an unsatisfactory condition. Color? Flaws? Reject it! That's exactly what my Robb and Stucky salesman said. You see it now. If you don't like what you see when its delivered, reject it. Hard for me to do, but I will. You should have too!!

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beachlily, Your post helped me a lot. You are so right that if I ever get damaged merchandise again that is either physically damaged or not the right color, I am rejecting it so I do not have to have stress for a week. It was just I never saw my bedroom look so beautiful before just like a picture book. It was almost exactly how I had envisioned it except for the mismatch in the color of the furniture. I could not believe I would fall in love with a furniture set. I was so afraid to return the lighter pieces since I loved the creamy color of three pieces and did not like the darker grayer color as much on the Chest of Drawers and Mirror.

But I see now, it is what I must do.

I never had furniture delivered before mismatched in color or damaged. Only the filing cabinets from Staples.com were delivered damaged and they gave me a discount off the price so I could keep them.

Thank you for your wonderful post. I have learned my lesson.

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beachlily z9a

Lynn, be strong with Albert. He is a jerk. He lied to get you to order more furniture. I hope that company stands behind their name and takes all the furniture back. No one should go though that kind of stress. There will be another line of furniture that meets your needs--search it out!

Just remember--the mirror doesn't have to match.

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Thank you beachlily for being there for me. The stress was a lot on top of other stresses in my life at this moment.

All the Stanley furniture was taken back yesterday and I learned a lot from this experience. I also learned how furniture manufacturing really works and you are right the mirror does not need to match exactly but the other pieces of furniture should.

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I stopped by tonight a local place that had two pieces of the Durham in stock. It may have been solid maple and made a little better in some ways then the Stanley Cottage Revival, but the drawers inside were a thinner plywood, the plywood backs were not painted or stained (at least they will not be peeling) and the style was just OK.

Amazing how I still love the Cottage Revival's look so much. I loved the height of the dresser and chest of drawers making it looked like a grown up set to me. I loved the bead board sizes and bun feet.

I got a letter from the store that they are crediting my credit card for the full amount of the Stanley set I returned and I should find a store that has policies more to my liking.

I wish I could trust that Stanley has starting to do better supervising and inspecting of their China offshore manufacturing facilities but it seems that China is just cutting corners lately for everyone so maybe it would take some time. I am not sure. I know I can not afford to go through the emotional roller coaster again waiting and having to reject the furniture. I feel sad since it is hard to explain how I could fall in love with a furniture's styling and the creamy color of the lighter set but I did.

If I got with Durham, I so far like all the pieces I picked out but I will sure miss a triple dresser for style and grown up looks. The color was a creamy white like the Stanley's lighter pieces I liked and was not really white like their website which made me happy. I will post about Durham's two dresser choices in another post before I go to bed.

Thanks for listening.

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Seeing my typo's, I guess it is time for bed for me and I will check replies on my other Durham post in the morning.

Thank you everyone who was there for me. I am so sorry I got so emotional. It felt like I was losing something I loved. I never knew I could fall in love with furniture.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2007 at 1:04AM
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To be fair to Stanley, they are right their side bead board is very well sealed and their furniture did not bother my allergies a lot like brand new furniture usually does that has any particle board in it. Hence, to be fair, I do think they have the furniture very well sealed with a lot of solid wood and plywood and do not use formaldehyde in their paints like they claim they don't. Of course, my allergies were a little worse with the furniture in my bedroom but I usually can not tolerate any furniture with particle board in it so I was happy that Stanley did seal the furniture well. I guess they should either not paint the back of the furniture if it is going to be peeling or make sure it is painted in a way so the paint is sealed and not pealing.

I just want to be fair to Stanley. Also their drawer bottoms are thick which is good for clothes.

    Bookmark   August 10, 2007 at 12:17PM
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I meant, I wanted a headboard to be 5 feet high when I wrote "I wanted a headboard to be 6 feet high" The Maywood headboard is around 60" high.

My friend just pointed this out to me since she wanted to read the post I wrote to see the pictures to see why I returned the Stanley.

Just did not want someone to buy the Maywood headboard expecting it to be taller than it was.

Back to cleaning....

    Bookmark   August 11, 2007 at 6:24PM
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I just checked my Chase Credit Card online and the credit for my furniture being returned was posted today.

    Bookmark   August 13, 2007 at 7:12PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

By the way, the letter I wrote to Stanley's President was never answered. I hope at least he reads it and makes changes since Stanley does have stylish furniture and they had been so good to Nicole a few years ago.

Thank you Organic for the idea and supporting me though the stress I was feeling.

Tonight I feel wonderful that it is behind me and I found out that Durham (called Durham in Canada) will have all pieces of the collection I want in stock by the end of this week so if I find a local store, it should take only 4 weeks. But of course, if I can't find a local store reasonably priced, I will go with Lexington Furniture in Kentucky and wait 12 weeks.

I guess Stanley did not want to work with me to make it right so I could post how wonderful they were. But it is OK, I have decided on what Durham furniture pieces I am going with since I do not want to take another chance on having mismatched furniture.

Just wanted to updated everyone.

I read over my posts and I am so sorry I went on and on. I guess I must have fallen in love with the set and ... I am just glad I am at peace now and can move on and work.

My friend from Canada is visiting me this Saturday so I must get my work done.

Thank you everyone for being there for me. I appreciate everyone on this forum.

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I completely understand your frustration. I ordered a complete living room set from Stanley and one of the end tables was damaged (even the delivery guys agreed with my assessment.) I sent the table back and now the retailer I ordered the furniture from is telling me that Stanley considers the defect to be part of the "distressed" finish. Now, I just recently moved and have newly furnished four rooms with "distressed" furniture. I know what "distressed" furniture is supposed to look like. This furniture is clearly damaged. Who knows how long it will take me to resolve the problem, but I am VERY unhappy with Stanley's response as I have always heard they are a company with a good reputation. Rest assured I will NEVER buy from them again and will warn others not to either. Side note: Paint was coming off many of the other pieces (which I was able to touch up) and I found a chip inside the entertainment console (again which I was able to touch up.) I'd hate to have to take action over one end table, but we will see....

    Bookmark   August 16, 2007 at 7:10PM
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lesallimc, Thank you for sharing since if we do not share, others will not know and we must warn them.

What a shame you did not take pictures and post them here so we can all tell Stanley they are wrong and it is damaged. This statement I make in trusting you due to seeing the state my furniture was in.

I am so sorry you have to go through this stress over the one table now. But your story shows me I did the right thing by posting the pics here since the owner of the store's letter makes it look like I was a perfectionist when I was not and was even willing to accept the furniture if she would repair it and only take back the mismatched pieces. But I am so glad that stress is over with and my credit card has been credited. I found a new local store that I am working with right now on solid wood Durham furniture and will be ordering tomorrow. Durham says it should take 4 to 5 weeks and not the l1 weeks my Stanley Furniture took in getting to my home and then disappointing me so much and messing things up for me. But I am glad I warned others.

Thanks for letting me know that the paint was coming off many of the other pieces also since they say on their site how they use many coats of paint and they go on and on about the quality. Maybe that is how it once was but I think it is not that way recently from seeing how two of two of my pieces of furniture arrived from Stanley so damaged and mismatched from Stanley not inspecting the furniture well enough that is coming from China. I was sure disappointed and lost a lot of income from not being able to work being so emotionally in love with the look of the Cottage Revival set but finally knowing that function must come before style.

I hope a new table comes back to you and one that matches and is not damaged. Please keep us updated.

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Hi all Stanley victims...I thought I was the only one.

I purchased the Country Cottage dining room - buffet, hutch, china cabinet, sq garden trellis glass-top table, and although everyone remarks about it's beauty, I was devastated by the quality, or lack of quality with this purchase. In my case, it was both the fault of Stanley and the retailer where I purchased the set. The furniture arrived at the store with paint missing, so, the repair dept at the retailer decided that they knew how to fix it, and what a mess. After a while, I gave up. But every time I look at the cracked cheap thin glass in the china cabinet and on the table, I am so frustrated. Their furniture isn't cheap either. The bad part - I really like the style.

Good luck with your resolution!

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gneegirl, Thanks for sharing your story also about Stanley's quality no longer being what it once was since they have not been doing a good job in supervising and inspecting their outsourced manufactured pieces of furniture before they are shipped to the retailers.

It is such a shame since Stanley Furniture sure has such stylish looking furniture and that is why I fell in love with the look and did not want to part with the furniture and just wanted it repaired at first. But I see now I did the right thing by returning the furniture.

I just wish I took out the time to visit my father while waiting for the furniture to be picked up instead of waiting for the furniture nightmare to end since he passed away.

I am still grieving although doing a little better tonight reading posts from those who wrote to me making me feel at least we reconciled and both realized how much we loved one another.

If the furniture would have arrived in good shape, I would have had time to visit my father and been in a happy mood and had more closure.

Again gneegirl, I am sorry for your own dealings with the lack of quality recently with Stanley furniture.

    Bookmark   September 9, 2007 at 1:23AM
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Lynn2006, I'm so sorry that you have been experiencing such problems with your Stanley furniture and hope that everything works out for you.

I bought a Stanley desk and hutch because I thoought that Stanley sold a quality product and I loved the styling. I have had problems with the pieces since delivery. First of all, both pieces came chipped in a few places and one of the drawers did not open and close well.

I purchased the pieces from Stickley and the company sent someone to repair the damage. I later discovered new damage to the side of the hutch and the same person came to fix this damage. His comment was that he was surprised by the poor quality of the piece considering that it was Stanley furniture.

Even after this repair, I can still see some of the damaged area. I did not ask for a replacement hutch, since I was afraid that it would not match the desk.

Based on my experience and the experiences of lynn2006 and gneegirl, I will not buy Stanley furniture again. Since I am now looking for new bedroom furniture, I will look elsewhere.

    Bookmark   September 9, 2007 at 6:15PM
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mhillgal, I am sorry that your desk and hutch from Stanley also came damaged. Thank you for sharing about how your Stanley Furniture came damaged also.

We all need to share our experiences (both the good and the bad experiences) about furniture manufacturers and retail stores so we can all be made aware before making future purchase decisions. Hopefully the manufacturers will care enough to make changes in their quality control procedures for their outsourced furniture after being informed that others are sharing their unhappiness and disappointment and that is why their sales are declining.

If the Stanley furniture would have matched, I was willing to keep it if the furniture store would have repaired it since I loved the styling. But the furniture store would not repair it and kept telling me to not accept damaged furniture. I see now, I should have rejected it all from day one and I will always check for matching furniture by taking drawers out with window blinds open and checking also for damaged runners. I will also check for mismatched drawers and putty on cracks in drawers and peeling paint on back of furniture as well as holes in back of furniture. This has been a real learning experience for me.

The furniture stores should be inspecting furniture before delivering it to customers I feel. I would have been willing to wait even longer than the 11 weeks I already waited if the furniture store would have told me that the furniture arrived damaged and mismatched and they had no choice but to send it back to Stanley Furniture.

It is a shame a company like Stanley Furniture that had a good reputation and has such pretty styling to their furniture is not doing a better job of supervising their outsourced production of their furniture that is made overseas in China and then doing a poor job of inspecting the pieces before they are sent to the retailers. It is a shame the President of Stanley did not even respond to my letter or care to try to work with me.

I really loved the Styling of the Stanley Cottage Revival Bedroom Set but the three different paint colors and the poor quality of the damaged pieces had me deciding to not buy Stanley Furniture but instead to go with solid wood Durham Furniture that is not outsourced overseas that is reasonably priced for solid wood furniture. I still prefer the styling of the Stanley furniture set I had bought initially but I know I am making the right decision since quality and sturdy drawers and matching paint colors is important to me. I want my furniture to last a long time.

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Having personally known the Stanley family back in the 1970s, things have really changed. I've never purchased their furniture, but did look at purchasing Arabian horses from them! The Stanley family home was in Virginia, not North Carolina. I think (not sure) they sold the business name and facilities to some corporation outside the family. I also knew the owner of White Furniture in Mebane, NC as he was also an Arabian horse owner. When he passed away, the company was sold, but the name continues. Things just aren't the way they were back when the owners (and their families) ran the businesses.

Sorry to hear this saga.

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Thank you Cameron for feeling bad about my furniture Saga. It really affected my work and life since I should have been visiting my father the week the furniture arrived. I had told him I would visit as soon as I the furniture arrived and I put my clothes away. Then after the stress happened, I had told him I would visit after all the furniture mess was straightened out since my father lived 6 hours round away and I did not want to visit talking about my stress with the furniture when he was sick. Then the car accident I had the week I was ready to visit and I could not drive for days without a car and with my hurt arm and neck and back. I never saw father before he died so that affected my work again from all the grieving and being so upset with myself.

It is such a shame that the new owners care more about instant profits than long-term reputation and quality of the Stanley furniture. Before the damaged and mismatched furniture arrived, I had no idea that furniture made in China by a reputable company was not to be trusted. I had thought per Stanley's website, they would be supervising and inspecting everything before the furniture went to their retail stores. Well this is not the case and despite their unique beautiful styling, I had no choice but to try another manufacturer that does not outsource their furniture since I could not go through another furniture fiasco again and get more behind in my work.

    Bookmark   September 10, 2007 at 10:17PM
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My new Durham Furniture arrived yesterday in wonderful condition and made so well with all matching pieces. I am so impressed with the quality of the furniture, the perfect creamy color of the furniture, the pretty look to the furniture, the wonderful delivery service (Rica Transport, Inc.), the wonderful store (Flemington Department Store) that sold me the furniture that came all matching in good shape at the best price in NJ that was only a little more than $120 than Lexington Furniture (that is because Lexington Furniture in Kentucky does not charge sales tax but I would still be liable for use tax if audited... so since I would have been liable to pay the Use tax if I bought my furniture out of state then Flemington's price was a better price with sales tax and free shipping). Also Flemington Department Store only made me pay 25% upfront and the balance over the phone with a credit card right before it was to be delivered. The furniture was ready for me in 6 weeks and they held it for me for a few more weeks until my tax season deadline ended.

If I started out with Durham, I would have loved their shutter/plantation headboard also seeing how much I love the look of the shutter/plantation doors on my small armoire that matches the plantation design on my pretty mirror. I did love Stanley's Chest of Drawer's bun feet and bead board look better but I like the color of the Durham Furniture better (Stanley's chest of drawers did not match the rest of the furniture), the quality of Durham so much better and the top drawer at 2" lower is easier for me to see what is inside since I am petite.

Durham should really update their Website's Royal Cottage with a cream color wall and bedding and some white accessories since the way they have their site now does not do justice to the creamy color of the furniture or styling of the pretty solid maple wood quality furniture.

    Bookmark   October 20, 2007 at 1:09AM
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I'm very glad to hear that you received your Durham furniture and that the furniture is so well made. You deserve this after all you went through with the Stanley furniture.

    Bookmark   October 20, 2007 at 2:30AM
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Thank you mhillgal. I will have to post pics real soon. I am very happy with the Durham Furniture.

    Bookmark   November 13, 2007 at 2:20AM
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I see that the Durham's Royal Cottage Set is not on their website. I wonder if they discontinued it? I will try to send in pics in the next few days. I have been not doing well since the car accident with the pain getting worse and not better. I now have 5 herniated disks from the car accident and I am having a lot of problems doing all I used to be able to do. As a result, posting the pictures is a little overwhelming since I do not know how to just add one to each post. I will try to find time to save them to that site I used last time to send in the pictures I took when the Durham Furniture arrived weeks ago. I was just waiting to take new pictures with all the pretty pillows on my bed and my new white phone and white tiny alarm clock on the Rustic Ivory Table. I may add sheers to cover the Linen Color blinds that I now realize I should have went with the white color even if it was not a good white since then I could have used cream sheers on the sides.

    Bookmark   December 11, 2007 at 1:44AM
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Hi All,

Just wanted to post a follow up to my August post (CAN'T believe it is already December!) After having problems with Stanley not wanting to replace my end table, I contacted the Better Business Bureau. Low and behold, less than a week later, Stanley miraculously agreed to replace my end table no questions asked. Of course, the table was then on backorder. Long story short, the NEW end table will be delivered this weekend. We'll see what I end up with. The lesson I learned and wish to impart to everyone is that if you have problems with a company, and you have honestly tried to resolve to the best of your abilities with no luck, go the BBB. Remember, the BBB's report represents the company's "credit" in a lot of ways, and it is one of the best ways to hit them. Hopefully, this end table will arrive undamaged. Regardless, this will be my last purchase from Stanley to be sure.....

    Bookmark   December 14, 2007 at 4:35PM
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Best of luck to you Lesallimc and good for you for doing what you needed to do! Please let us know how this turns out.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2007 at 4:21AM
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Lesallimc, We are all proud of you for taking action and not let Stanley Furniture get away with selling furniture for so much money that is not quality. Please keep us updated on the final outcome.

    Bookmark   December 15, 2007 at 1:36PM
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Hi All,

I'm glad to report my end table arrived this evening and is in perfect condition. I am happy to put an end to this journey that has been going on over half a year. With my living room now complete, I am happy with the final look. However, it is so unfortunate I had to put up with the service (or lack thereof) I received. I will never again purchase from Stanley, Furniture Direct or deal with D&D Delivery. While I met some helpful individuals at each of these companies, I hold the companies themselves responsible for such poor service. Thanks to the BBB, this story has a happy ending. Thanks to everyone for listening. :)

    Bookmark   December 17, 2007 at 1:20AM
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Wonderful! Now... where are the pictures for us to see?

    Bookmark   December 17, 2007 at 5:04AM
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Lesallimc, I am so happy for you that you are happy with the final look and the furniture headache fiasco with Stanley Furniture and with D&D Delivery is behind you now. It is a good thing you contacted the BBB or I have a feeling this would have been not resolved and caused you more stress for more months to come.

Thanks for sharing. We would love pics if you have time.

I am going to try to find time to post the pics I took of my Durham Furniture when it first arrived despite my bed not being made up with the fancy pillows.

Since the car accident, I have had so many doctor appointments since I am still in pain that everything else other than trying to get some work done seems so stressful.

It used to be easy to post pics when Yahoo Photos was in business. Now I have to learn what to do all over again. I think I will try that new place I posted the Stanley Furniture pictures.

    Bookmark   December 17, 2007 at 1:18PM
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Pics of my Durham Furniture for those that do searches and wonder why they are not yet listed on this sit. I set up a new post in the link below to see the pictures.

    Bookmark   December 19, 2007 at 1:03AM
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Wanted to update this post so others will be warned of the Mace Brother's Store not inspecting their furniture before sending it to me and the poor quality of the Stanley Furniture that prevented me from seeing my father before he passed away from the fiasco I had to go through.

I LOVE my Durham Furniture more and more each week. I am glad I went this time with the Flemington Department Store in NJ that was wonderful in a prompt delivery of quality furniture from a terrific delivery team. It is quality and looks wonderful in my room and is solid maple. I wish I went with my instincts to order the solid wood made in Canada Durham Furniture rather than going with the styling of the "Veneered sides claiming solid wood elsewhere" furniture made in China by Stanley Manufacturing.

    Bookmark   March 2, 2008 at 1:09AM
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The important thing is that you finally got what you wanted--and deserved. Your room is just lovely--so peaceful and calm. :)

    Bookmark   March 2, 2008 at 1:14AM
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Organic, Thank you so much. Your post means a lot to me. I feel I achieved the peaceful and calmness I wanted in my room due to my stressful life and having a home office. I love going into my room to relax and fold laundry on my bed as I watch my 1st LCD TV that is in the armoire at the right height. I love my Durham Royal Cottage Armoire in the sand white finish also. I never had one and mine is the right size for my bedroom. I learned a lot about not accepting damaged or mismatched furniture and how important the retail store is that you buy from. I also thank everyone on this list who posted and were there for me helping me continue to fight to get my money back on the poor quality Stanley Furniture. I especially think you Organic for your guidance and being there for me.

    Bookmark   March 2, 2008 at 12:35PM
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Update on 4-18-09 since I have been reading others asking about Stanley Furniture and I want them to know the problems I have had. I also want them to know that I am still very happy with my Durham Furniture Set in the solid maple with drawers that work very well and pieces that match and fit well.

    Bookmark   April 18, 2009 at 8:53PM
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Wanted this post to show up again to warn others to be careful. I really loved the style of the Stanley Furnhiture set but the condition the furniture arrived in from China after waiting 6 weeks when I was told between 4 - 6 weeks was unacceptable and really added so much stress in my life. I still love my Durham furniture set especially the Armoire.

    Bookmark   January 10, 2011 at 4:10PM
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