metal frame swing redo

lori022June 25, 2014

I have a metal frame swing that had canvas seat and back with cushions. My cushions and the canvas rotted and ripped. Has anyone ever tried to put wood slats on instead of replacing the canvas?

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I didn't do the replacement to a swing, but I think it's a grand idea. My DH and I re-furbished a tubular steel rocker, and he cut me slats for seat, back and arm rests. We used red wood and it turned out better than we thought. You will have to mark and drill for holes for screws for slats, so take your time and use washers under the wood slats so they don't touch metal to wood. Make your marks with something like a sharpie pen in a cross, so you have a center point for drill bit. Good luck, and thanks for the idea, I have an old swing also.

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I went on ahead and gave it a try. I turned out really well. I think I may have to get some cushions because it sits you back alittle bit but at least im getting use out of it again. I tried to post a pic but im having trouble doing it.

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I made the sling and cushions for a swing redo....turned out FANTASTIC!!! has really great Sunbrella fabric. I got "Meander"..for the cushions and "Dimone Flame" for the pillows.

Since this is a trash to treasure site, I don't mind telling you I got the foam couch cushions free off a discarded couch, then with a BIG knife....cut the foam into 4" thickness and used 3M spray glue to glue the edges together......making the cushion without any cost to myself.... the ends velcro in case I ever want to open it up and wash the cover.

I made another neck roll pillow:

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Wow! Looks better than new.

It'll make others an easier search on FabricGuru to put OUTDOOR ACRYLIC in the search box. I will not use the polyester outdoor fabrics. Don't think they last and hold color.

Well done. Enjoy!

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Thank you! FabricGuru was da bomb!.

I also forgot to mention, I as well used pine wood slating instead of making a sling....they didn't have slings back give a seat to these chairs.

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They turned out really nice. I think im going to try the cushions next. I finally got a pic to upload now I have to learn how to rotate it.

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Go for it! You've come this far! :0)

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GReat job. And what a good idea too!

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