Has anyone heard of Coastal Vacation Packages?

skivinoJanuary 8, 2007

This is my first post on this forum....I was a long time poster on the kitchen forum.

I came across them while looking for lodging on eby. It's a lifetime membership to discount travel/vacations. Has anyone used them or know of them? I really wonder if it's worth it, it costs $1295 but apparently the savings are unlimited. Would love to hear if anyone knows anything about them as it seems like a good deal, but I wonder why I'd never heard of them before.


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Is this a multi-level marketing deal? It sounds suspicious to me. --Kris

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I guess I don't understand this...is this a vacation club or a business?

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Hi Skivino,

If this is a repeat response I apologize -- I'm not sure that my first attempt went through.

I can answer your questions about Coastal Vacations and have used some of the trips myself. In March my family took the Orlando vacation and the Bahamas Cruise & Stay. They were both wonderful trips!

And I'd like to advise you -- if you're interested in purchasing a vacation package, please do so from a reputable Coastal Vacations director rather than through an on-line auction site.

I hope this helps!


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This is for Eileen, since no one has answered her yet...

Coastal Vacations is both a vacation club and a business. Once you purchase your package you have the option of marketing the vacation packages if you wish.

Hope that helps :)


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