Repurposing. Got pictures to share?

justgotabmeJune 14, 2009

I'm curious if anyone here repurposes items. I saw a thread about using something for other than it was intended, but I'm talking about redoing something to make it work for something else.

Like this secretary which was typically used for a writing desk. I'm working on changing it into a computer desk. I've yet to purchase the wood to remake the fold out, but I'm sure you'll get the idea of where I'm going with it.

What it looks like so far.....

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Marlene Kindred

I'm usually over on the garden junk site, but I check T to T out too. Really like what you're doing with the's looking really nice! Can't wait to see the finished should make a great computer station!

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Thanks Marlene. I checked out Garden Junk too, but I don't make anything for the garden. Not yet anyway. ;^)

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Very nice! I love what you've done so far. Your alterations are so well done that it seems to be a lovely refinished antique that was always that way. One could say its purpose hasn't really changed since most of us do our writing on the computer these days.
I'm also a garden junker and I've not repurposed anything inside unless you count sheets and tablecloths as curtains, and old record tables and storage to hold scrapbooks (both are 12x12 inches an unusual size.) Oh I just remembered: I used old wooden drawer dividers from what must have been a huge heavy old wood desk as shelves for spices and tea in my kitchen. I just went to take a pic but my battery is dead. Will try tomorrow.

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Thanks so much Kathy. I'll be looking forward to photos of your projects. ~Becky

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Here is a pic of my spice and tea shelf. It is 2 drawer dividers with the ends together. The desk that these came from must have been a monster. Dh added 2 shelves to the right hand one so that it would hold more spices. (It came with only a middle divider/shelf, probably to hold paper originally) We decided not to try to replicate the complicated curve and detail of the original but to just make them plain and unobtrusive. We are very happy with it, its hard to find large shallow shelves. Most spice holders just aren't big enough for the kind of cooking we do!

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Kathy, what a neat spice tea rack! It's perfect too. Brilliant transformation. You're right, that must have been one big desk those dividers came from. Lucky for you to find them.

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Love both the ideas shown. You guys did good! LOL

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Thanks Des. I just finished turning a couple hollow core doors into three floating shelves, but they were new doors. I couldn't find old ones that would have worked with out costing more for my customer. I did find an old panel door I cut in half to make a corner shelf unit for the same customer. I should have it done by the end of the week and will post pictures then.

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This was an unfinished woodscape mirror headed for the landfill. When I rescued it the mirror was shattered so I removed the mirror and turned it into a chalkboard. I painted it and pieced it back together. It measures 20"x14".

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kratymom that is so cute!

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Great save crafty mom!

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