woo hoo!!

sistersunnieJune 29, 2005

I just scored an old white porcelian sink with faucets, etc in tact. It has to be nearly 6 foot long and in great shape!

Sitting in my truck right now. When I go home from work my family is going to think I've lost my mind! It was the kind with corrugated porcelian drain boards on both sides of the basin. Will be perfect for my new laundry room! Also picked up (both free mind you!) a long skinny oak table that with scrubbing, paste wax and a set of good casters will make a fantastic laundry table.

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What a great find!!! And you have the perfect place for them. It was just ment for you. Of course you'll have to post some pics of your great finds.

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The timing is incredible. The laudry room isnt built yet, they start next week. So now I can design the room around my finds!

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I have the same exact sink in my laundry room- also the cupboard that goes with it. Love it-

Also free :-)


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Wow!!! Fantastic scores on both the sink and the table! Well done!!!! :)

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Well, you lucky "dawg", you! LOL

Get this, I have an old porcelain urinal out in my shop. Would have to have it plumbed to use it in a bathroom but I just had to have it! LOL

Now, that's bad when you crave "heirloom" bathroom fixtures! LOL

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