My children would have disowned me!

sistersunnieJune 22, 2007

On my way back to the office today, in business attire..... saw an interesting pile of STUFF being moved out to the curb! Any way this family bought a house with its entire contents and were cleaning it out. I got a great old wooden ladder to try my hand at a craft/garden project.

No cost and met some new friends.....

However had my children been with me, I would no longer be Mom in public.....

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So for them it would have been a case of, "Who is that woman driving us around?... Oh, pay no attention to her. She's just, um, the nanny. Yeah, the nanny! She has, er, kleptomania, so she feels compelled to to drive around and take other people's trash... No relation to us at all."


I hope the ladder works out wonderfully for you. Having just recently kidnapped myself a roadside chair before work myself, I totally understand how it goes!


Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/decorating blog

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I LOVE IT - what a great story, kids would be disowning you.

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Congratulations on the old ladder! But I'm afraid I'd have filled my car with stuff if they were hauling out a bunch.
LOL And like yours, my kids would be totally embarrassed.


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My DS will go to any garage sale, but if I slow down on a street to look at curbside treasures, he just cringes and says no way, Mom!!! LOL

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Ah, Deedlesmom, just wait until he is in or graduates college-- he'll feel differently about the dumpster diving. It'll be, "Hey, Mom, I found this cool thing somebody was throwing out!"


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I know this has been here a while, but just had to answer--
My Daughter used to hide in the floorboard of the car
when I would stop to 'curbshop'. Now she is in her 40's and has curbshopped, and
dumpster dived for several years
herself, and her Hubby does too! LOLOL
Amazing how things change, isn't it?!!!!

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Usually only lurk here but love T2T.

My experience has been the same with kids and T2T. When my daughter was a teen it would be Mooooommmmm, if she was with me when I wanted to look in the Thrift Shop. She didn't want to be seen even sitting in the car in front of the store and would have rather done anything else than enter the doors. About 10 years later she's the one that got me yard saling which has become somewhat of an addiction! But so fun.

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DH refuses to pull over if I spot curbside treasure, I now drive everywhere we go (he caught onto why though) My 8yr old DS keeps his eyes peeled pretty well and 2yr old DD yells "GO,GO,GO" when I get back in the car. (it's so much easier to curbshop without a car full of family, sigh.)

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My kids will just yell NO if they see me looking at anything curbside. Gee sometimes I wasnt even considering stopping.....

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Drop them off at home and come back by yourself.

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