Curbside Shopping Fun

thrift_shop_romanticJune 3, 2007

All the trash-to-treasure discussions recently had gotten me to thinking about what exactly I'd pilfered from the curb. And I realize, that curbside dining chairs all seem to make their way into my home.

Anyway, I ended up doing this week's blog on it, with lots of photos, if anyone would like to see. I'll put the link below.

I wish I had more Before pics, but I hadn't realized at the time I'd started that I'd ever be sharing the projects with others.

I'm now going off to finish reupholstering the last of two matching roadside chairs. The stuff they used to cover it was an... interesting... choice to say the least. (This sort of weird textured off-white stuff... Yuk.)

Wish me luck and no staples in the ol' fingers! :-)

Have a great week this week!


Here is a link that might be useful: My T-to-T Chair Blog Page

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I love all your fabulous chairs!! Your writing style is wonderful too! You had me LOL!

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I'm a stalker too. Miss out on a lot of things that way, because I wait too long or else find myself too scared and have to go talk my DH into doing it for me. ha (He takes a while to convince!) Love all your chairs. ~Anj

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Well I have no shame I guess. If I see a treasure I have no problem stopping, getting out of the car and grabbing it. I don't care who sees me. If there is someone there I just say Hi, how ya doing, I really like this, blah, blah, blah, see ya and hit the road again. I've found some great garden chairs and other stuff that way. A few folks have even helped me load whatever it is into my car!!!!

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Craftylady, they help you load it into your car?! I think you're my new hero. :-)

Anj, I haven't missed out on anything yet by stalking it, but maybe my neighborhood isn't too competitive for junk. :-)

Have a great day!

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