Decorative ceramic Turkish tile - help

bec3April 30, 2010

How do I hang ceramic tiles without installing them into the wall? I bought 4 tiles on a trip to Turkey a few years ago; the tiles together form a scene. I would like to mount them so that I can hang them on the wall. Any suggestions?


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I would attach them to either a board or backer board with thinset. Then grout it and trim it out. Then you could hang it like a piece of art.

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A picture of the tiles w/be helpful, but I'm w/SMICKER - w/o seeing them, I'd mount them on a board to which a hanger has been attached, grout and hang as an art piece.

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Here is an interesting solution that I stumbled across while looking for something else:

"I suggest that you try using Velcro to hang your tiles. I use industrial strength Velcro glued to the tile with E-6800 silicone adhesive(also known as 'ShooGoo'), and the mating surface of Velcro can be glued to the wall, or glued to a backing material(I use marine ply), which is fastened to the surface with drywall screws or anchors. The system is earthquake-proof(the wineries in California use it now to secure their valuable bottles in storage)."

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ohhhh turkish tile...sounds

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You can get them at bed bath and beyond or a craft store for about $2 each. They are used to hang a large plate on display.

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