What to do with this big, wavy piece of glass?

parheliaApril 20, 2009


I've never really done any stained glass or mosaic work, but I've always been a fan of it. So when I found this huge piece of unusual glass at my local Habitat for Humanity ReStore, I pounced on it. Problem is, I can't quite figure out what to do with it!

It's about 25" wide by approx. 5' tall. It's thick and very heavy, and corrugated just like a piece of corrugated roofing tin.

I thought it might be really cool outside as some sort of sculpture, but I don't have a roofed patio. Though I think it was originally the bathroom window in a local house, so maybe I wouldn't have to worry so much about it getting broken?

Might anyone have any ideas for me?



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I'm sure that the glass was originally meant to replace a portion of standard corrugated roof sheeting, to provide direct sunlight into a warehouse or workshop - a sort of plain skylight. Nowadays they would use polycarbonate for this purpose. It would be great to fix a glass mosaic against the underside of the corrugated glass and actually put it into a overhanging roof canopy, such as for a patio or for an an entrance way. It would throw out some wonderful colors in direct light.

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It would really be awesome as a water feature-with water flowing over it---and you could do some mosaic on one side for some color....

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