headboard shelf

shelby3June 13, 2005

Did you see *trash to treasure* today? that headbroad shelf was so nice any one catch the instruction? thanks

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Didn't see it today, sorry! DGD here and she was in the pool and I was lifeguarding...yeah, right! LOL

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Here's the link for the project. Hope this helps. I did a search for "Headboard Shelf" and this came up. ;-)



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I made one once, it was really easy. Took a twin bed headboard and cut off the legs to the bottom of the headboard. I painted it all funky, then I put a piece of 1x2 across the bottom of the board as a support for the shelf.

Then I added a 4" wide piece of pine board that I attached to the 1x2. I also put a few L brackets on for added support.

I added a 12" mirror tile to the headboard for something extra. I put screw hooks in the back and hung a picture wire. I use this shelf/mirror as a little decorative shelf that I put pictures and light knicknacks.

Sorry, but this is the only pic I have of it...it's on the left side of the hallway.

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