River Rock

furmamaJune 21, 2007

I am getting married in a few months (August 18th) and I am using a polished black river rock down the center of the tables. As a result I am going to have 100 lbs of rocks to do "something" with. I haven't been able to find lamps that I like for the new house so I thought about maybe putting the rocks in a clear, tall vase and making them into lamps. Have any other ideas though? I'm gussing it's not going to take 100 lbs of rocks for two bedside lamps haha I'm also going to have a boatload of lavender silk flowers. Could I maybe use some sort of clear tubing to make free standing column lights (with flowers and twinkle lights inside) as a patio light?

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that sounds gorgeous with the clear tubing....Ive seen clear acrylic tubes somewhere but cant remember where...but i did find something online check out the link below

if you have left over rocks...maybe stepping stones going to your patio....me and my kids did stepping stones using concrete, a pizza box and marbles

Here is a link that might be useful: acrylic tubing

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Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! ( my anniversary is 8/20)!
Sounds like a beautiful tablescape you are creating.

Do you mosaic? You can google "pebble mosaic" and come up with some really great ideas too~ If your stuck...send them to me!!

(ps. put a raw egg in your kitchen window 3 days before your wedding.. it will bring good weather!!.. I worked for me!... rained day before and day after.. but not on wedding day!)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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River Rocks are wonderful heated in hot water and used for a massage. Google river rock massage. Perhaps give some away with instructions for massage. I have a hot rock heating unit and we love it. The small pebbles are great to place between the toes and use the larger ones for a foot massage. Congratulations on the up coming wedding

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Go to Goodwill or thrift shop - find lamps - glue rocks to lamps and grout--real easy. Or a table top for the garden?

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Do you have an Ikea near you? If not you can buy online.
They have a ton of glass and acrylic options.
Michaels would be a good place to look also.
Good luck!

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We played for a wedding recently. At the table for guests to sign in... they had a big group of river rocks... and magic markers. Guests were encouraged to sign a rock.. and add to their "Garden of wedding memories." Many folks had room to write a few good wishes. It was nice. I assume that the couple then put the stones as an edge to their garden.
Best wishes to you!

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