Anyone tried a far infrared sauna in a small home?

nancyinmichDecember 15, 2010

Santa broke out in guffaws when he read my email for a Sanijet jetted bathtub. I guess the 45 x 72 tub really would not fit well in a small home. I know I would have had to install it in a bedroom, not in the bathroom. My friend at work suggested I look into a Far-Infrared Sauna, instead. They come in pre-assembled panels that you just have to join together. Two people in an hour, they say. The far-infrared spectrum penetrates the flesh, warming the body without warming the air, so you have a sauna environment of 110 - 150 F, much cooler than the steambath type of sauna. But it makes you sweat just as well, which is supposed to be good for your skin, for detox, and for weight loss (They claim you are not just losing water weight, but burning 300 to 600 calories in a half-hour. I don't believe this claim.) You get the benefit of a sauna without the strain on the heart and blood pressure. I am interested in the muscle relaxation end of the therapy, warming and relaxing my tight fibromyalgia-stressed muscles.

Since the sauna cabinet is easy to install, un-install, and move, it is an ideal situation for us in our small homes. If we get tired of it, we are not committed in the same way I would have been with that jetted tub and the plumbing for water and drain, and the tiled bath enclosure in a bedroom! I can later move it to the basement, or sell it used.

Anyone tried one? What was it like and what brand was it?

Here is a link that might be useful: One I am considering

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I have not heard of a infrared in a cabinet. I have a smaller hand held one that appears to work miracles on the skin tumors I have had. I know it sounds like voo doo but I have had it work for me several times when nothing else did.

I also used it on my trigger,finger, thumb and cured it. I held the light on the base of my thumb a couple of times a day and I do not remember how many times before it was better but not very long. I had to do some stretching and working on the joint but it is no longer a trigger action in my thumb and not painful either. It had been locked up for about a year.

Guess I am not much help. I sure would be interested in how it works for you. Something that comes apart easily and not a permanent fixture sounds worth a try.


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I don't usually frequent this forum and realize I'm late if you were considering one for Christmas, but....
we have a Health-mate sauna that we've had since 2004. We absolutely love it. Living in Michigan you would appreciate it on a cold winter night. My husband first saw it at a farm show and he was sold. Our kids loved it as they were growing up, especially after a cold football game or to ease sore muscles after a BB game. I crank it up to 135 or 140 degrees and sit it in for 20-30 minutes. It eases the aches and pains.
We paid about $1800 for a 2 person one with radio. I honestly wouldn't sit in it with another person because you really do sweat but the extra space is nice to sit in it alone and relax. We haven't moved ours since we set it up, but given how easy it was to set up, it would be easy to knock down and move. We did have to change the outlet since it took a different voltage, but my husband was able to do that on his own.

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I am a sauna connoisseur with extensive experience. A study abroad in Northern Sweden gave me a unique perspective on saunas and has since motivated me to regularly use these tools of detoxification.

Normal saunas I need at least 180 degrees, hotter the better I've sat at 240 before which is fantastic, but requires a built up tolerance. Some folks have said the sauna should be relaxing, but for me I see it as more of a challenge.

Infrared or Inflared (not sure the correct term) saunas work differently. I have posted a picture of my personal sauna which folds easily and fits into a trunk, plugs into standard 115 volt outlet and just required a good stool and 4-5 towels. Keep in mind the longest I've sat in a normal sauna is 6 hours, this infrared sauna I've topped out at 3 hours, so it affects you differently.

I can soak 5 towels thoroughly with extremely pungent sweat (we're talking yoga sweat). Usually I play a two hour film and try to sit through the whole thing.

I drink a ton of water and the dark circles under my eyes dissapear, the sauna goes back thousands of years it is very proven technology. My skin has never been softer, enjoy. I paid 75 dollars on craigslist for this sauna and it has never let me down.

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Hi Fergust,
That sauna is interesting. Where are the infrared panels located in it? My sauna's panels are quite solid ceramic. I have not seen that style of sauna heating panel used in a flexible tent sauna. My dad had a sauna tent like your picture when I was young, and I think it just used a steam humidifier. You had to be careful that it did not aim at your flesh, or it would burn you!

We did end up buying me a sauna. We did not get the one I linked to, but a similar one. We decided that the hemlock wood or cedar wood cabinets were not for us. We got one made of odorless poplar, instead. I have not used it as much as I should, mostly because of the need to shower afterward. I just need to get over it, and use the sauna more, especially since I am losing some weight, and the detoxification function will help as my fat shrinks and releases stored "stuff" into the blood stream. The sauna does help a lot with pain and stiffness. Now that I am at home, I hope to work it into a daily health routine. Maybe I will use it after doing my home PT routine. I just finished 8 weeks of Physical Therapy for my knees, hips, and ankles.

Here is a link that might be useful: The brand I ended up getting

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