Trash to Treasure Iron Table

marilyn_cJune 17, 2006

Here is a table that my husband picked up for me at a yard sale for $10. It is missing the top, but I have a nice piece of glass from another table...which was given to me...that fits it perfectly.

The table was made from leaf springs from a truck and the turned thing in the middle is a shock absorber! Cool, huh?

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Love it Marilyn! Lucky you to have a piece of glass that fits perfectly!!

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Lydia, a lady gave me 6 nice iron She was cleaning out a house that was going to be put up for sale and the glass table top was there. I asked her what she was going to do with it, and she said I could have it. I figured I would find a table for it or even use it on top of one of my iron tables that has sort of a mesh top. As it turned out, it fits this one perfectly. It is nice and thick with a nice ground edge. Lucked out on that one! She has a lot of dogs tho, and I give her dog food all the time...left over from what I get for rehabbing.

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that is really neat! I'm learning to weld in my next life.

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wow what a find!! I have a stash of treasure waiting for my son to weld for me, but he is so busy. booHoo

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Great looking table, Marilyn! Makes me think that I better hang on to that glass table top that I keep thinking I'm gonna donate to the thrift store! LOL

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That's a really neat table. Like it much better than most that you see. DH did a good job buying that.

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