small plans from Russell Versaci

pinkpaulaDecember 18, 2009

I enjoy looking at house plans of all sizes. When I run across plans I think might be of interest to others, I like to share.

There are some really cute small cottage plans (as well as historic style larger houses)on the following website:

I often daydream about building a lovely Tudor cottage or a small farmhouse on a hill. I have enjoyed reading about your small homes

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Beautiful homes! Took me quite a while to actually find the designs on their website (OK, I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree). But I didn't see anything between 800 sq ft and 2800 sq ft. Did I miss something? Although the cottages are really cute, they are also really small for a full-time home, and the 'simple farmhouses' are large and expensive looking.

I love the architectural details, though. I'm hoping to incorporate a lot of little details in my house when I build it, rather than having a plain box.

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Yes, it took me awhile to find the links for all the plans, too.

I LOVE the historic feel of these plans as well as the architectural details you mentioned! They are not for everyone, but that is what makes them attractive to me.

In the cottages, Southern Piedmont Cottage(my favorite!) has 806 sq ft, and Gulf Coast Cottage has 856 sq ft. I think both could be made wider or longer to increase total size, or a wing could be added.

In the farmhouses, The Joiner has 1599 sq ft, The Sawyer has 2609 sq ft, The Glazier has 2631 sq ft, and The Milliner has 2726 sq ft.

The cottages ARE small, but there are individuals on this site who prefer very small living spaces. Although I can't afford the larger farmhouses included on the website, they provide inspiration!

Good luck on your construction.

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They are very cute. While I love all the windows, furniture placement seems kind of tricky with so little space and so little wall in some of the designs, though.

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