plastic white chairs

kattydidJune 19, 2007

My chairs are in great shape but, I. so tired of cleaning them. as wondering if anyone has used Krylon spray paint for plactic. Would like to paint them a different color.

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yeah the plastic paint works awesome....I did my chairs with a hammered black and they look like metal...

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I used it on the plastic mesh seats of my patio chairs and am really happy with it. They sit out in the open sun, and are holding up just great so far. Luvs

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Thanks gals!! Onward I go then, I think a nice deep purple, I want to do a mosasic table to go with them.

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I've been dying to try out that Krylon paint for plastic on some cheapy chairs we have on the lanai. I would like to make them red. Does the paint come in cans to brush vs spray?

SW Florida is in hurricane season and most days are windy and/or rainy so my spray painting days are numbered until the Winter season.

Debbie in Florida

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I've only seen it in the spray cans. It holds up very well. I did some white plastic chairs in a vibrant red and a small white plastic table in bright yellow.

RH in NC

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I have used them on chairs and a small table with great results. I wish the local stores carried all of the colors that are offered online. I did write the Krylon people. They are not offering the brush on YET. But plans are in the works! I can not wait. I stenciled a recycling logo on my trash can but it bled through.Needs to be neatened up.

I will share my idea, I always wondered why trash cans were so ugly that people had to build fences to hide them. Why not make them pretty?? I always wanted to paint my cans to look like flower pots. ( I don't have room for a fence)
Or just paint them to look like the siding on my house to camouflage them. I sent this on to Rubbermaid, but no reply.
If any of you can patent this, please remember me in your will... hee hee

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