Pouring Concrete-Question

texasfernJune 27, 2008

I want to pour/mix concrete in a 5gal bucket for a bird feeder project. I have that Quickcrete Ready to pour stuff.

My hope is that I can just put it in the bucket, add water and set the pole.

Any suggestions?

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Why not? I once had a few bags sitting under a tarp all winter in the spring I had some very large bricks. But I think you should try to mix it. And remember once set it will not easily leave the bucket


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I love the way your mind works Robt!
Just do it!

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Fernie, we put all of our bird feeder posts in the ground with Quikcrete.....just dug a hole, added pea gravel...when we had it on hand...poured in some Quckcrete, added water, and voila...one permanently installed bird feeder post. They've lasted for years! We've had to change the feeders, but not the post. :)

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Now I wish I had not cut the pole! Rats!

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It will work but mix it if you can. Back in the days of the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) here in Michigan they stacked bags of concrete around and over the ends of culvert going under roads to form a concrete support. After a few rains they hardened and remain that way today.

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