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sistersunnieJune 7, 2005

Krylon Chalk Board Paint! I've wanting a great black board for my Kitchen, one like you see in Restuarants or in decorating mags. The ones I've priced went for $35.00 and up. No way I'm too cheap! Anyway cleaning out the attic last weekend I found an old mirror (not antique old-just well used old) from Ames with a nice oak frame. Its about 20X24 inches. Anyway I took the mirror out and used three coats of the Krylon on the reverse side (it was slate like to begin with). Spruced up the frame with English scratch cover and polish for dark, and paste waxed it. Replaced the chalkboard and put new hanging hardware and PRESTO! It looks great and all for about $2.00 and my sweat equity!

Then of course I couldnt stop. Found and old kids table in the same treasure trove of an attic. Spruced up the legs with English again (Dont you love that stuff??!!) Painted the top with the chalkboard paint and my grandson is now enjoying his new "drawing" table!

What else can I paint??!!

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I saw a cute idea the other day in a gardening magazine. Paint huge terra cotta flower pots with chalkboard paint. The idea they had was for Mother's Day and let the kids draw chalf designs on it, etc. (Would be a cute idea for a grandma, etc. - or a teacher!)

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On the same idea as the flower pots above ... I've seen just the rim painted with the chalkboard paint ... then you use chalk to write the name of the plant. Not sure how it would hold up outside though.

I painted the inside of my kitchen cabinet doors ... quick spot to jot messages and shopping lists.

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