Opinions on track lights like these for bathroom and or kitchen?

desertstephDecember 31, 2010

they're available with different numbers of bulbs on them

anyone have anything similar in their house?

would they give enough light?

I know nothing about the little bulbs in them...

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No answers for your question I have never used this kind of light. It is a sleek pretty fixture. No idea how it will work in a bathroom.

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I looked at those recently at HD & L's. I thought it would look good in my laundry area but they don't put out much light.

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I purchased a similar design from Ikea for my bathroom and it has worked out beautifully. It has 5 halogen bulbs that are very bright. I tried a similar non-halogen fixture first and it did not give off enough light. I mounted mine in a straight shape across the top of the mirror as it has two hinged sections which would allow for angles. The Ikea fixture was very inexpensive but has a nice quality look. I don't have a photo of mine that is small enough to share, but please see the link for a similar fixture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ikea fixture

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thx for the input! reading at the Ikea version I don't like so much the idea that they get very hot... tho, whether in the bathroom or kitchen, they wouldn't be on much (unless I forget to turn them off) because both have a skylight and being in AZ daytime (most days) there would be no need for additional lighting.

I guess when I get a new camera I'll take pics of the 2 ceilings and lighting there now to help with a 'vision' of it.
I like that the bulbs can be aimed in different directions - so I could aim one toward the shower. there isn't a light close to the shower and if I put a light/fan combo in the fan location it'd require more wiring... more expense with the electrician.

I've seen them in a half circle shape also - that's what I'd want for the bathroom.

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Steph, the halogen bulbs do get VERY hot. They put out a lot of heat, and are somewhat expensive to purchase.

They are making more LED lights these days, which sort of are very bright white, perhaps a bit blue unless you are careful. Blue is not a good color light for pleasing skin tones, but maybe a true white would be fine. The LEDs last a very long time too. You can compare the lumens of LED and halogen, per bulb.

They also make some of those armed fixtures like you showed with the small base screws in, and they are the compact florescent thingies. CFB? And they can even be dimmed.

Shopping for lighting is very confusing to me. I try to get a couple of different types of bulbs ...or bulb styles which the fixtures might serve to use. whatever am I trying to say.....

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here's a smaller version and a link to one in a circle - they have one that isn't such a full circle and only has 3 bulbs too. It does say each bulb is 50 watts.

Here is a link that might be useful: circle style lite

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