wondering about painting pod from Airport

huggybear_2008June 5, 2009

My son was able to secure two pods from our local airport when they changed a lot of security around. these are the pods they transport items inside the airplanes.. they are large enough to walk into and stand straight up. they have a floor and a nice size double front door.. I would like to paint and add some windows and even some flower boxes.. what ideas would any of you have on what I can do to make these pods look more like garden sheds. I will try to get a photo of the front and a better view so you can see what they look like.. they are made out of a tough fiberglass I think.. sorry for the photo, It was a last minute thought to ask you guys for your ideas.. and this is the only photo I think I have of one of the pods in my photobucket.

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Look like great storage, but need some color!! Just pretend they are "garden sheds" & "pretty" them up!! Are the walls rigid? From the shape it looks like they might not be. Or maybe rigid up to roof & then not?? Could make them up like giant "fairy houses"Sure folks will have lots of ideas for you! Jan

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well, what a lucky thing for you. It is according to the construction as it is....if there is no wood inside, you would have to make a wood frame for the windows. Or maybe metal frames. The pic looks like windows or opening in the part we see. How are they done...that may give you a clue how to add more. And there are fiberglass products on the market that you can use to seal up the windows instead of add wood. Check internet and places like Home Depot.

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Thanks guys for the ideas, these are sorta ridig, there are wood frames inside the pods.. they have metal doors ,which I will do before and after shots when I start to redo them.. I bought some paint from Lowes, greenish blue (more green than blue) for the trim and a Beige for the body of the pod, come to find out there are windows to be put into the pods.. just have to cut out the holes for them.. may have to shore up the sides tho if I add some window boxs with the weight of the soil and box its self. I think they will look good when done. just trying to find the time.. with all the rain we have had latly my garden is going like gang busters.. just added some more tomatoe plants and some basil and some sage.. also my gourds are going strong also..but then so are the weeds and they grown the best of all.. we make a lot of homemade salsa every year and I end up giving most away to friends and family... to hot for me, can't eat it.. anyway gang I will show you my pods when they are done or in process.. thanks again

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What a cool thing. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

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Hugs don;t you ever run down...LOL...Wish I had some of your energy...What a neat pod. My gourds are slow in coming up. Now we need a bit of rain...Can't wait to see how it's going to look after your done...

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Leveta, I took grandson to Kings Island park Sunday and well, let me tell you he sure did wear me out.. all that walking and riding all the rides.. most of them had to do with either beating me up or getting me wet.. we had a great time.. but Monday, I had one heck of a time even walking .. my muscles were so sore from doing all that walking at the park and getting slamed around on the rides.. We have had a nice bit of rain and so my veggies are doing pretty good.. we water our garden if it does not rain here for a couple of days..even tho we are near the river and my soil is great.. we can dry out very fast.. I did plant some herbs this year.. and you know you might want to think about that with your garden and hanging them to dry in your shop.. oh my some just smell so great.. and they have all kinds.. basil , pinapple, lemon, chocolate, and apple flavor sage.. wow.. it would smell so awesome in your shop with them hanging in bunches all around the cabin your hubby built for you..I will send you some of the lavender sachets and potatoe baker bags to sell too.. you are going to be all set.. I am going to try to do some different things with my birdbaths too.. only I am going to make them bird feeders and use glass jars with flat sided marbles on them and add lights to them... I think that will look great..here are some pics of what I want to do the first pic is of the bowl type flower holder that I glued flat sided marbles to the entire surface and turned upside down and I will not glue it to the plate so I can change the lights.. and the second pic is of a light cover that is kind of fancy and I just sat it on the plate and will not glue it either.. just added the lights..

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Here is a better pic of one of the pods we want to paint.. any of you computer experts who have paintshop. would love to see what you can come up with.

I was thinking tan color for most of the body and green for door and trim maybe with some kind of wood looking pieces on the door to make it look like a garden shed.. and then add either some windows and flowerbox to front.. may have to do faux windows on front and a real window on the back.. but real flowerboxes.. I have two planters with small spruces in them and I can place one on each side of the door.. looking forward to any ideas..
thanks gang.

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Oh hugs they are so pretty. The lights look great...Well we finally had rain. About everything come up now...I bet you did get wore out. Never thought about the herbs to hang. I'm working on different things,but can't seem to get much time at once. Got the kids pretty much full time right now. DD is moving in a trailer and is moving out of the apt she was in. So they are living here. That means 6 of us in this trailer...Her stuff is in my shop right now. Time is getting on and sept will be here before you know it...

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I'm usaully over at the Garden Junk site too but pop in once in a while here. Love your little shed! Any way of putting faux shutters on your windows? Put a path up to the front door (yellow brick road). And a picket fence on either side of the shed. It wouldn't need to be a full fence, just a panel of a picket fence on each side. Maybe a bench on one side of the door under the window?
Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

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