How to remove labels from glass bottles

phish_gwJune 1, 2013

I bought some pretty perfume bottles at a garage sale today. I'd like to display them, but they have labels that I'd like to remove. I've tried my usual trick of boiling water and googone, but no luck so far. Any advice on how to remove them? I thought of scraping off with a razor blade but don't want to scratch the glass.

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If that didn't work I don't know what would. Have you tried soaking them in water overnight? Good Luck

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Ginny McLean_Petite_Garden

There is a solution called Solvoplast II that may be purchased at some drugstores. It works great! Or you can try rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or make up wipe. :) Good luck.

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Nail polish remover or cooking oil.

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I usually soak the glass (bottles, jars, etc.) until the paper can be peeled or scrubbed off and then try nail polish remover and/or cooking oil on the glue residue. If that doesn't work, I use a glass scraper (the kind with a razor blade) and just use gentle pressure. I have never ended up with scratched glass.

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It may be too late to try this on your bottles, since you've already soaked them and dissolved the paper layer of the labels, but I discovered an easy way to remove labels from any type of container (glass, plastic, ceramic) with no chemicals. Just leave the labels intact and FILL the container with boiling water (instead of immersing it in boiling water). After about 20-30 seconds, the label will peel right off, often in one piece.

If you've already soaked the container and removed the paper part of the label, this won't work. Even so, filling the container with boiling water will soften the adhesive so that it will be much easier to remove with your favorite solvent than it would be at room temperature. (I use odorless mineral spirits because it works well and I always have it on hand.) Be care to keep turning the part of the cloth or paper towel that comes into contact with the adhesive; otherwise, you'll just spread it around.

If you try this technique, it's good to fill the container with very warm water first to prewarm it, so it will be less likely to break when you fill it with boiling water..Also, WEAR HEAVY RUBBER GLOVES to avoid seriously burning yourself. Even if the container has a lid, it's easy to spill some water.

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toxcrusadr Clay Soil

There are different types of adhesives. Water soaking works on the water soluble glues, but the non-soluble kind will just laugh at you. I've had wine bottles like this. Dilettante (the previous poster) may be using the boiling water technique on this kind. I didn't think of that and put mine in the oven on low heat. Peeled right off. They're more like a peel-off label with a gummy adhesive.

Careful not to get them too hot. I did once and the adhesive went right on past Gummy and Peelable and hardened up permanently!

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W D 40 will take off all the old glue.

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I use a hair dyer to soften the glue..but it gets hot so use gloves...then try the other ideas!

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Goo-Gone. You can get it at hardware stores and most large grocery stores.

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Peanut butter. Smear some peanut butter on the glue areas and let it sit. (I've read a few minutes works but I let it sit overnight.) Then rub it. The glue comes right off. Then wash with soap/water to remove the peanut butter.

I believe that the oils in the peanut butter act as a solvent. It worked for me on several occasions.

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WD40 works
, give it a few minutes.

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I agree w/ Maggie and posieh: I use WD40.

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I take off the label with water, any paper left on will come off with the glue with hand sanitizer. Works every time. If you have plastic bottles, get as much of the label off with water, same as glass, but use furniture polish. It won't mar the plastic. Good Luck

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Best way I've found is oxiclean - add a scoop or two to really hot water in a bowl, add bottles, and let set. I usually forget about it and wind up leaving for a day or two, but the labels usually float to the surface at some point. If not, they always peel off nicely. If there's any residue, it scrubs off easily. Just don't let the bottles dry before removing labels, or you're back in the same spot you were originally... As a bonus, I had burned something in a stainless steel bowl and the resulting soot or whatever wasn't scrubbing off, and figuring the bowl was already ugly, I used it for the first oxyclean-label-removing experiment and it cleaned the bowl too! Also, the solution seems to be more-or-less reusable; if you have a bunch of bottles, you can put a few in the bowl, remove labels, and put a few more into the same bowl and solution.

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Lemon oil furniture polish, the liquid one with petroleum distillates. Far less expensive than products labeled as adhesive removers, and can be used on plastics, too. Nail polish ruins plastics.

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pretty much anything greasy works for oil-based adhesives; I find solid fats work best--butter, peanut butter, vaseline. If the paper of the label is matte (not shiny), apply the grease. If the paper is shiny, scratch it up a bit, then apply the grease. Let sit for half an hour or so, then peel off.

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Salvage & Bloom

I have to pull labels off the salvaged cans I use for my flower wall art. After much trial and error, I use Goo Gone. It smells like orange and works pretty quickly. I do use it on some glass bottles and it works just fine.

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Earlier this week on one of the morning news shows, there was a tip to use stain remover containing petroleum distillates (Shout) to remove labels. Goo Gone, lemon oil furniture cleaner, etc. all contain petroleum distillates.

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I wonder why this is so hard for you? I just fill my kitchen sink with very warm water, submerge the bottles, and in about a half hour, they just slide right off! No scraping or scratching. Good luck!

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Because it doesn't work for everything karen. I like the oxyclean method, but it doesn't work in all cases either.

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Nail Polish Remover = Acetate
Also, try using mayonnaise... per Kathy Lee & Hoda. lol

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