How to display a collection of board games......?

iowajewelJune 25, 2005

I have a TON of old board games that I have collected this last year. I would like to use them on a wall in our "game" room. I had thought to shrink wrap them and then somehow display them(hang them) on this wall.....well, now that I have enough(over 50!), I am not exactly sure how I should do this so that I am not distructive to them.

Any ideas????


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I would attach them to the wall by nails or screws and then I would put some molding around them to make it like they were framed. I would also coat with Poly to seal them. Or you could glue to a piece of plywood and poly them and hang and frame. If you had enough to do a whole wall that would be great and just frame the wall. I seen a wall done like this many years ago and it was great.


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I also collect them and intend on doing a wall in our "someday" tv room.. Most of mine are like checkers and chinese checkers but each of them are very different. I plan to be able to use them so I don't want them attached to the wall. I am going to just use a T-pin and stick through the hole or if it is a two sided (the two sided ones I have are framed) so those I will just hang them by the "lip" of the frame. Some of mine will hang diamond shaped other square.

I had two of my grandkids spend the night last night and we got some of the boards out today so they could play chinese checkers. The board they chose was a 1938 two sided, wood framed but I think the boards themselves were pressed cardboard.It was made by Straits Manufacturing Co of Detroit Mich....It says American made toys for American girls and boys. Another one was a 1928 solid wood, with frame it has a paper glued on back with info. It is called the Original "Star Checkers". L G Ballard MFG, Topeka, Kansas. I love the bright colors. Many of them have a bright yellow in them...I'm thinking the new gold color is what I will choose for my least the one with the game boards.

Another wall will have my collection of Wizard of Oz dolls and things to go with that.


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I'd think maybe a moulding hung like they do for pictures would work with a lip on the front to keep the pieces from sliding off.... use a thin plywood board the same size as the gameboards to give it some stablity. Then you could just lean the boards against the plywood on the mouldings. Do it in either long strips or short varied ones... depending on what is visually more appealing to you. game pieces could then be attached to the back of the thin plywood boards in plastic baggies for easy access.

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Room by Room on HGTV did an episode decorating a hallway with game boards. So I did a search and game up with all of this. Hope it helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: game board ideas

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Thanks for the ideas!!

Pattico, seems like we have ALOT in common....not just the fact that we both live in Iowa, but collect or make similiar crafts!!!!
I bet your collection is awesome....and fun. I have had sooo much fun finding and buying mine. Some of my favorites are from old TV Charlie's Angels, Dragnet, I Love Lucy.....
I just love them all, but we don't play with most of them.

I will try to come up with something in the next week or two and post pictures. I have had them waiting for me to have some time this summer and the summer is slowly slipping away. Don't know where all the time goes, just know that my list isn't getting shorter!!!

Thanks again everyone for the ideas. I will try some and see what looks the best!

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I too am planning this for the wall in our pool table room. I saw it in a doctors office. I do not intend to use them after they are mounted. I am debating mounting them with 3M commando stips, as I am dealing with cement block walls, and then putting old picture frames around them. I am still thinking and gathering boards. I cannot decide if I want only the boards we have actually had family time playing or if any will do. Some game boards would be much cuter if they are set up which would mean gluing pieces to the boards. Decisions decisions. I did not see the idea in my head used on the HGTV site. It was very cute in the Dr.'s office.

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I have used several board games in our computer/playroom. I used velcro to attach them to the walls so the kids could take them down and use them. I didn't display the playing pieces, but it would be neat to display them in glass jars, especially the marbles/pieces for checkers. Maybe put them on a shelf or table in front of the game board display.

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this probably won't help, but in our game room, I attached the parts to the board and hung them all from the ceiling.

everyone is always looking up to see what is there when they aren't playing something.

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All great ideas - interesting. I think it was on Extreme Homes on HGTV once where I saw a whole wall done in puzzles. It was really neat.

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Still haven't done this........hope to get to it after the holidays. Just collecting them right now. I did get a shrink wrap kit to use on them and am going to try the 3M strips to hang them by. That way they will be protected and yet, hanging them will not injure the boxes. I will try to post a picture in January!!!

Thanks for all the ideas!
I knew I could count on this site for some inspiration!

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Michael's sell's frames that are the size of a LP.. Could that perhaps work for some of the board games??

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