How to remove perfume smell from perfume bottle

phish_gwJune 1, 2013

I bought some pretty perfume bottles at a garage sale today. I'd like to display them. I emptied the perfume and washed them out but they still smell like bad perfume (as do my hands now!). Any advice on how to get them to stop smelling like perfume?

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Soak in a bleach solution? or maybe soak in a baking soda or vinegar solution.

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I have successfully removed stubborn smells from jars by filling them with a solution of acetic acid (strong white vinegar) and hot water and letting them stand until the water has cooled. I haven't tried it on perfume smells, but it's worth a shot. You may need to repeat the treatment a couple of times before the smell is completely gone.

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To get rid of perfume smell, use several soakings and rinsings with 70% rubbing alcohol

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