Coffee table question

mrstan1234June 8, 2005

i bought one of those kidney bean shaped coffee table (the kind from the 40's) and it had a mirrored top, which is in VERY poor shape. I know I can have it resilvered, or in this case, re-pinked since the mirror is actually pink.... but I don't want the expense, and I am not even sure I will end up using the table. I have been thinking of stripping the silver off the mirror, and then decoupaging the underside of the glass. OR... maybe using those multicolored metal leaf flakes you can buy at the crafts stores.

These are the only two ideas I have. Does anyone else have any suggestions? I would LOVE a reverse painted design, but sadly, MrStan and a paintbrush do no mix well...

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I like the idea of decoupaging the underside of the glass. I did a table of mine that had a glass top with old wine labels I bought off ebay cheap. Looks pretty nifty.

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descoupage w/ family pictures, favorite vacation, flower garden, pets, w/ appropriate items that will flatten and enhance the pictures. some people save Reiman mags, and do so w/ favorite pic's.

newbie, Vangy

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I have one of those kidney shaped tables too! Mine has a plexiglass top which was badly scratched. I found the glass frosting in the link and am very pleased with the results. You may even like the look without stripping the silver off - if you don't mind maybe seeing a bit of the pink color showing through (depending on how many coats you used).

Here is a link that might be useful: Spray-On Frosting

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Depending on how badly/evenly the pink is coming off, you might be able to get a cool "formica" look by decoupaging gold and silver paper bits onto it, leaving some of the pink as well. Go all funky and retro ('cause there's not really any other look possible for that type table, not that there is any cooler look, anyway).

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