using old grill for potting bench

hallngardenJune 10, 2005

Think I have seen pictures on this site of using an old grill for a potting bench. Neighbors placed on the street an old grill last night. I plan to use as a potting bench. Thought the side pieces would be wonderful to work on, and there are two metal racks under the bottom. Thought I would use the bin on top for cooking to put my compost soil for potting and would be easy enough to have the pots sitting on the side. Please give me ideas or where I can find pictures of what others of you have done to convert to potting bench. Thanking you in advance.


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Great idea.
I have a small old grill in my son converted to use charcoal, taking up space in my backyard. Would like to see pic's & ideas.

Vangy plays in the dirt too

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I used the frame for a grill, took off the grill itself and placed the back grill off a refrigerator on top as a workbench. It doesn't have anywhere to put the soil but there is a shelf at the bottom and the grill table top lets the spilled soil fall thru. It's easy to wash off and best of all it rolls around to where I want it. I love it. I need to replace a few boards on the bottom and it can use a paint job. Notice how the grill top has "handles" on the end opposite the wheels. Here's the pic.


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