KKNY, I'm not looking for a fight . . .

justnotmarthaMay 27, 2008

. . . but your statements such as

"Like I say, its amazing how many perfect SMs there are here. Come back in 5 years. %s are YOU WILL BE THE NEW X."


"And I guess on this board only the wife is ever at fault."

really remind me of arguing with my 4 year old. You are capable of insightful and relevant points, but when you feel threatened or lack a mature response you resort to statements like this. It's so distracting, and does nothing but cause me to skip over your posts as I hear enough of that immaturity when I walk into the playroom with my 7 and 4 year old sons bickering.

A new spin on an old rule - if you can't say something mature, don't say anything at all. I just lose respect for you, and that's a shame.

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But I guess this rule doesnt apply to SMs

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I know you are, but what am I?

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I am rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

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Why dont you go back and read some of the SM comments -- oh wait, we dont critize them.

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All you do is criticize them KKNY

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Isn't your sister a SM ... so when you slam a SM aren't you slamming your sister? or is she a perfect SM too?

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You know what is funny, she is always ready to tell a stepmom how awful they are. She easily finds fault in the actions of a biodad. But, when a biomom really does something awful she has no criticism. She either gives excuses for the bm or posts nothing!

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Do you really think that starting a thread entitled " I dont want to start a fight" and then knocking kkny is going to go without any response?

I have noticed most of the time, when someone complains about something someone else has said, its often after a previously inflammatory comment has been directed at them.

I could easily pick out a dozen examples in the past week, but why bother?

It seems that some of you thrive on conflict and criticism. If someone says something that you take as being criticism, why respond to it, unless you get a payoff from the fight?

I dont feel as if I am with grownups anymore. Time for me to go, this is a waste of my time as long as people act like they are in grade school. I can get enough drama with my teens , should I need it.

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I get it!
The World According To Bitter Exwives:
BM's are always right and allowed to do whatever they want, because they gave birth to the children! Stepchildren are always the victim, and are always allowed to act any way they please toward stepparents! Stepmoms and Biodads are all a bunch of idiots who only care about themselves and their new marriages. Stepmoms' kids are second-class. They should be grateful for the scraps. If both parents remarry and become SP, a jury should decide whose BC are royalty, and whose SC are the peasants.
Stepfathers are just mealtickets, but it is okay as long as the wife is not also a stepmom! Stepsisters are just seeking attention from Daddy, but stepsons are potential serial killers intent on harming little girls. None of the evil dwelling in stepparent's child could possibly ever reside in BM's children. OOOOPS,I meant to say "attention seeking behavior," not evil.
Coming next: Men Only Cheat Because They Have To; Women Cheat Because They Are W^&%#s!

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i think it is not appropriate to start a new thread aimed to bash a particular person.

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It is because this is a stepfamily forum. You are like a meat eater on a vegetarian website. In my view both kkny and TOS enjoy all the attention they get here that is doubtful they would get on any other site.

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Is it more appropriate to hijack another thread?

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Please take the self righteous act some where's else. I was wondering if in the "for TOS" post at anytime you would jump in. You didn't. TOS accused me of being a liar and the TOW which I am niether. She accused my husband of being a bad father for leaving the wife who is an addict and a mental basket case and not taking the kids with him. He couldn't....it is STILL going through courts. He has them FINALLY but it still is not fully legal. She surrendered them herself due to "not being able to handle it." TOS actually thought he should of stayed in the house with the crazy ex AND her new boyfriend untill the custody papers where signed. He'd still be living there today and would of probably of killed his ex by now. Not good for the kids. With all the nasty, underhanded and heartless judgements she passed on me....there was not a peep from you. Had it been the other way around...you would of been all over it.

What is your deal. If you want to call folks out for being negative and nasty to each other and be taken seriously.....at least do it for everyone and not just the few that ironically enough are the ones constantly stirring up the pot. Are you an alter ego created by TOS or KKNY?

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Well, let see. I wanted to make a point, so I started a thread to do so. No where did I bash KKNY, I let her know that some of her comments cause me to question her other posts. I was not, as Kathline implied, retaliating over a different post as KKNY and I usually 'get along' pretty well for a bio-mom and a step-mom. I was not involved actively in the thread these comments came from, but in reading it the one thing that stuck out in my mind were KKNY's two childish seeming comments.

I'm not getting into a BM vs. SM battle, if you notice. This made no reference to the fact she is a bio mom and whether I agreed or disagreed with her comments. I am simply telling her, as one poster to another, that while I respect her opinion, these comments just ruin it for me. They really so have, as Colleen put it, an "I know you are but what am I" ring to them.

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