Fireplace before and after pics

tinanAugust 20, 2012

Here was the fireplace before we did our fixing up and moved in. Note general filth, hideous plastic vertical blinds and mauvy-brown color.

During - after accent wall was painted but not main walls and ceiling, before flooring put in

And here it is now. Next steps are to re-center the art, paint the inside of the box with black BBQ paint (it is discolored from fires) put some decorative logs inside, and when budget allows replace the old screen doors with glass doors.

Any other suggestions?

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That paint color & your accessories make the tiles look fresh again. Very nice!

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Perfect! You did a greally good job. Love the mantel!

Is this a working FP? If so, why not put regular logs in it instead of fake ones?

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You did a nice job, and that terra cotta paint color should draw the eye. Hope you are enjoying your new home!!


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Yes it is a working fireplace, but we live in California so the logs would be mostly decorative for most of the year. On days actually cold enough to want a fire, there is almost always a "spare the air" day and burning is banned! I am also very allergic to smoke which always makes its way inside even from a properly vented fire. So as much as I love the ambiance, it will probably only be lit for special occasions. I may burn some gel fuel cans in there behind the logs, too.

Thanks for the feedback :)

The color is BM Mexicana, BTW, with Mascarpone on the neutral walls. The tile I don't love it but it blends a bit more with the new paint color and the mantel. I am going for a Spanish Mission style since the townhouse is mission style with red tile roof and off white stucco exterior!

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You did a great job; what an improvement. Love the horse with the wall color and tile - perfect!

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Before, the fireplace seemed kind of lost in the corner. Now it really draws the eye and becomes a warm and lively focal point. You must be so happy with the change!

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