What's Everybody Working On Right Now?

des_arc_ya_yaJune 28, 2006

I've been busy with a couple of short trips and a LOT of DGD's softball games. I NEED to hear about turning trash into treasure! LOL

What are you working on right now? It doesn't even have to be finished, just want to hear about it!

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Well...after we get my daughters bedrooms traded (the college girl gives up the big bedroom) I'm going to make a large arrangement of frame samples (the L shaped ones) for the longest wall in our dining room. I have boxes of the samples in all finishes, but I think I will focus on the gold ones. There are many interesting textures and widths. I need suggestions on how to hang each of L pieces. I don't really want to attach them to a board or panel, but instead attach them directly to the wall. Aren't you glad you asked?

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Welll, If you are sure you want to know...I dragged home a bunch of picket fencing over the past couple sun nights. Finally got it up in long corner of back yard slowly working on keeping deer out dogs in. Made some bird houses out of old wooden cannisters painted added them to posts put in ground in front of fencing.Every couple of days I run out and spray paint (liked the color spruce green + faster way to get them done)It has been pouring here. I am trying to finish the painting so I can plant. Trying to figure out which headboards I will use for my bench. Have lots and DH needs space to get to table saw. Finished,on rainy day,trimming towels with fabric to match the curtains and shade I made for the bathroom I just painted and redecorated. I also made a slipcover for the huge square ottomon I found outside an apartment(new but cat scratched on one side) I put it at the foot of my bed hoping at least one of dogs will sleep on it since they dont like the dog pillow! I also have a couch that I need to stain and recover 6 cushions for my sunporch- that hasnt been finished in 15yrs. But according to DH this is the summer! Bought house with badly done leaky room added in the 60's and its the last room to get attention. Part of garage is filled with stuff waiting to go in there. If DH finished it it would clear out the garage. Maybe I shouldnt go there....Once it gets finished I get to paint the whole thing! I also have an old window that I want to make a coffee table with for porch. I want to attach plywood to the back and do broken china patterns in the 6 squares. I have a primitive hooked rug almost finished for my family room,a friend bought me the class. A rolling cart filled with yarn and books as a bday gift from another friend cause she is into crocheting afghans and baby blankets for her future grandchildren.Ha,none of her 4 kids are in serious relationships yet. But she figures it is better than eating in front of the TV. How about you got anything going????Dianne in upstate NY(in case you were wondering if the weather was an excuse)

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I have a few things calling my name...I need to strip and refinish a couple wood pieces - an old chair which I found at a yard sale for free (also needs upholstering) and a old stereo cabinet found for $10. which I need to make a shelf for as well. I think it would make a neat liquor cabinet but I'm more of a beer girl. LOL I also have a large multi-paned window that I am going to try using transparencies and Print Shop so that it looks like an old shop window with words and graphics. I still have tipsy-pots on my list as well as a bunch of bowling balls - I have a idea besides lizards or frogs this time! Probably a winter project.

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I'm not working on anything, but still dragging home junk. I drove by my mother's old house today and saw that her neighbor had an iron table on his truck to be hauled to the scrap yard.
I should have inquired about it...he would probably have given it to me, but I didn't. However, I did give my DH explicit instructions to go by there tomorrow and get it for me! ;)

Hope it isn't too late.

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I have a soccer ball-sized plastic net float that I'm planning to paint an owl on. I just need to file off some lettering first. I have had an offer to display my rock painting at a craft shop, but only if it's something large. I don't have any rocks of that size handy, so I settled on painting the float instead.

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not near enough and really have not done much ,had a bunch of stuff lined up to paint with d.d. but then got real sick
(seizures) and feel like I,m losing a battle.
BUT i,m still junking and managed to pick up a lot of stuff for free at a sale by helping out total was 6$
the rings I will use for a rose collar and a planter after painting terra cotta.
also got 2 cases of jars , the church keys are for a wind chime with beer openers and A A coins lol.
the stove is new .
a lot of misc. pots, lattice, compost,
I will try to paint 3 sets of clothes line posts soon with high end green metal paint , they are the supports for blackberry beds.
oh also got a new bike for d.d for 5$


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Rick, I'm sorry you've been sick. I always enjoy your posts.
I hope you are much better now. Take care.

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Me, too, Rick. Hope you are feeling better.

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Hi I have never posted at this section of THS before mostly in the home decorating forum. What I am working on right now is 2 things I am changing to coordinate. I got this wooden box for a quarter and a lil shelf thing fir 2.50 at good will. I am repainting them and embellishing them with wooden appliques(sp?) and adornments. I took some before pics and will post both when I get them done.

Just call me RaNae by the way

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I am in the process of cleaning up my play-junk-storage building to make a lil garden retreat....(more work than I bargained for) ...so was surfing on E-bay for ideas last nite for shabby chic and saw that someone had the same idea I had...... found this at a yard sale a year or so ago for a quarter.....so painted it shabby pink...( before I saw theirs)....I am taking Rick's advice and painting it pink...LOL...I had a oopps moment as I started painting before I took the before pic...guess creative minds think a like....Mary

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