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singingsky_z5December 27, 2007

I'm new to posting on this forum but not to lurking. :) You guys seem so friendly, and this feels so much more homey than the Manufactured Homes area.

Yes, we live in a single-wide, which certainly meets the "small homes" requirement; however, it doesn't seem too small to us and we love it. As a matter of fact, we decided to move up to huge, spacious living in 2001 by buying a brand new 16x76 after living in a 12x60 for nineteen years previously. (smile) I guess that means it is 1116 sq. feet...we chose a small home because that is what we like! Low maintenance, cozy but more than large enough, easy to keep clean. So much going for it.

Well, pardon my blabbing but like you folks and hope to get to know you. So, Hi there!!


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Hi Linda.

Glad to meet ya.

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Hi Linda,

Great to have you over here. Your home description reminded me of Ralph Lauren, although my lifestyle just never seems to be able to pull it off. I love his stuff and one of his best interiors was a mobile home interior. Okay...it is really a travel trailer. But my house doesn't look this good and he has created a wonderful cozey interior. Just to share, and totally off subject, here is a link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ralph Lauren Caravel

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Good morning to you, Jason and Emagineer -- and thanks so much for the greetings! Oh, I'm afraid Ralph Lauren's small space is much fancier than our small space, but it sure was fun to look.

You see, it really tickled me to find this forum after reading that the newest trend is toward smaller dwellings and after years of observing the huge homes which have been being built in new subdivisions along and off our main road for so long now. They have mainly been bought by rather young families, and I feel that so many are going to discover they made such big (pun) mistakes. The cost of heating and cooling our small home, though rising as costs rise everywhere, is so much lower. The taxes are so different.

Hubby and I both came from small homes and consider it normal; perhaps backgrounds have much to do with the kinds of homes we all choose. But it is also our culture and media to want more, more more. We have no mortgage! Oh, please excuse me, but it's so sweet to speak to folks who are a little more humble in their choices. LOL! I could go on and on, so you'd better not encourage me.


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Linda ~ I love your online name of SingingSky. Very pretty. Welcome to this forum. It has been rather quiet here of late. You sound happy and content in the lifestyle you have chosen, which is partly living in a small home. DH and I live in a small 50's cottage with around 730 sqft. We are working on decluttering. I've just been reading about the Wabi Sabi way of living and while DH and I have been living this way to a degree, I'm inspired to get rid of more and live more simply. The less clutter, the easier it will be to keep things dusted, etc. Being packrats, this is a little rough, but something we both want to do.

It is nice chatting with others who have chosen to live in smaller homes.


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Welcome to the forum, Singingsky. If the people on this forum are any indication, I believe that people who live in small homes are happier, more considerate, and smarter LOL! We currently live in 1580 sq ft, and feel it is too big. We are going to build in a couple years in rural SC, and our next house will be smaller.

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Good evening, Flowerlady and flgargoyle!

Thank you for the greetings. Oh yes, Flowerlady, I have been on a huge organizational kick for almost a year, getting rid of all kinds of things we hardly ever even touch. Isn't it liberating??? I've gotten downright ruthless and even Hubby has gotten into the act a bit. No longer is it necessary to move a ton of stuff in order to dust, and the place doesn't look so much like a country store with so many knicknacks. :) Keep it up, and you will be one happy camper.

flgargoyle, I sense you are a very intelligent lady! Of course, we small home dwellers are smarter, happier and more considerate...can there be any doubt? LOL!! Well, at least we can surely claim to not having to hire cleaning services just to keep up with the housework, which is something I do appreciate.

You folks would be great even if you lived in big houses.

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singingsky- Actually, I'm a man, but I married a very intelligent lady (she married me, after all LOL)

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Nice to meet you Linda. In zone 5, I bet you can appreciate another great quality of a small home; easy to heat. :^)

Best wishes to all for a prosperous and Happy new Year...don't forget your black-eyyed peas.
(who plans on having Hopping John and Crown roast from home grown lamb.)

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