Pique Assiette

creativesoulApril 13, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie and am so excited that I stumbled on this forum! What a close-knit and talented group you are!

I plan on pursuing pique assiette mosaics and while I haven't attempted anything yet (its been mostly research up to this point), I look forward to learning a lot and sharing my creative energy with you all!!

Any advise and/or words of wisdom you can give me moving forward on this journey would be encouraging and greatly appreciated!

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Welcome creativesoul! At the bottom of the forum page there is a search bar that you can enter words into and it will search the forum for those topics.

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Welcome, indeed. You have chosen a wonderful addiction. Get started!!! Don't be afraid, follow your instincts, be brave, dive in w/abandon.

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Below is a link to some really good directions on how to nip plates. Note that, after you click on the link and the page comes up, there are two links at the upper left that take you to some good photos and instructions. I always recommend Lepponit wheeled nippers for both plates and stained glass. I label them and keep them separate because the plates dull the wheels a lot faster than the glass. Remember to hold your nippers back near the ends of the handles; this will reduce stress on your wrist.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nipping directions from Happycraftn

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Great advice silvamae!!!

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for the warm welcome and words of encouragement! A special thanks to silvamae for the nipper recommendations.

A creative and wonderful week to you all!

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