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nosoccermomJuly 10, 2012

I'm looking for a comfy reading chair for my office and saw this chair and ottoman on CL. How difficult do you think would it be to make a slipcover? No serious sewing experience.

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It's hard to judge your ability, but this is a fairly simple chair. I have slipcovered a dozen items, and I think the arms of a chair are the hardest part. I would advise to keep your fabric choice simple-no obvious diagnals or stipes. The typical method is to place the fabric face down and start pinning. You could use velcro on the cushion closure to avoid inserting a zipper.Watch a few u-tube videos and try it.

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What do you think? Is it a buy?

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I think if it's clean and in great condition, it's a good buy. But, if you need to slipcover it to use it in your home, when you say 'no serious sewing experience', what does that mean?

Have you made things like throw pillows or any form of window treatment? Do YOU feel with your experience that you could cover it and make it look like what you want to see in your office? Are you excited about making a slipcover for it and eager to start that process?

If you answer those last 2 questions with a no, then you'd have to pay someone else to slipcover or reupholster it for you, unless you have a friend who'd happily do it free.

Think of the fabric and labor cost that you might have to add, and is it then a good buy for you?

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Do you like arrmless chairs for reading? Is it really really comfortable?
Is this a short term solution or is this the style you really want for the room?

On the other hand, maybe you want to try to make a slipcover and this would be a good project to try so the above questions are not so important.

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Personally, I find armless upholstered chairs to be less than cozy. You can't curl up on them, because there are no "corners".

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These are great questions! I can sew a straight line but wouldn't attempt a zipper; however, I've been asking myself the question about the (missing) arm rests and comfort. Also, I'm not sure how much back support there is. Price is 75.00.

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For me, the slanted back and lack of arms would take it out of the running as a reading chair. It looks great for dreaming or napping, though.

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Try it out. If it's clean and you find it comfortable, buy it.

If you can sew a straight line, you can insert a zipper. :)

Use canvas dropcloths for slipcover material. They are sturdy, washable and CHEAP!

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