Plate Flower Display

bagladyGJune 1, 2011

I've been making garden plate flowers for a few months and am finally going to attempt to sell some at our local farmers market. The market is held in a large parking lot and I'm looking for ideas on how to display my flowers?

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5 gal can with some sand in it! Couple of large potted plants(sign on plant that is is for display of plate flowers only.) That's all I can think of. pics I've seen at sales had yard to put some of them in or the 5 gal containers. Good Luck! Hope you do well!

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Kitty litter is lighter to carry than sand.....
I learned that quickly!!LOL
A 5 gal bucket of sand is HEAVY!

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Right now I'm using an umbrella stand that I purchased at GW. I have a plan for some wooden stands but haven't found the time to acutally build them yet. If and when I do, I will post a picture.

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and sand shifts- too many crashes. Kitty litter is the best- and use an old pot, if you can find one.

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I use a really large plastic vase that I found and put river rock around pvc pipe. holds well and doesn't tip over.

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A gal over on garden junk who is selling them in an icecream shop uses an milk crate over a piece of wood that she has drilled holes into.

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