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sistersunnieJune 21, 2005

Yesterday was helping my husband clean out an old storage trailer, goodness knows how long this stuff has been there. Anyway lots of good junk.....BUT I found three of those metal trashcans that would have been outside - with a rounded lid (looks like a rocket) that comes off, and a silver swing opening with lid. Never used. Alittle rusted but very clean. I'm thinking, scrub, sand, repaint in primary colors, make a striped or patterned duffle bad shaped lining that folds over (like a trash bag does) put the top back on and ....

Presto chango a new laundry hamper for each childs room.

What do you think?

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Sounds like an excellent idea.

Let us know how you teach them to USE IT!

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Sounds like a great idea!
lazygardens, Loved your remark!!! My children have hampers, but the floor is much easier. (by the way, they are adults now and still do it.)
Thanks for the post. It's been really slow here. But I keep checking it out.

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I dont know if I'm up to the challenge of teaching them to use them, at 15 and 17 the old dogs may be too old for new tricks.....

Hampers sound good in theory!

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Sounds like a great idea to me!!!

I once found a hamper that looked like a basketball basket...the boys actually used it ;^)

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